Tuesday 20 August 2019

What do you think of (what has become of) Environmentalism?

William Wildblood discusses the subject, and several people (including myself and John Fitz)  weigh-in with comments.

I find the environmental 'movement' over the past 50 years to be a valuable case history of the manner in which good is corrupted and turned to evil in a secular and hedonic society - its particular value for me is that I have been something of an insider.

Nowadays, environmentalism is about as thoroughly corrupted and turned to evil as any political movement ever has been; as bad as communism (which it much resembles).

To me (having seen the whole thing unfold, knowing that the Global Establishment is behind it) this is a No-Brainer - but the fact that so many people continue to take environmentalism seriously as a force for good; simply emphasises the large and widening gulf between my perspective and the mainstream.


Anonymous said...

In the U.S. there used to be something called conservation and its advocates were called conservationists. Think national parks, etc. The terms have largely, but not totally fallen out of fashion. Liberals don't want to be associated with a word beginning with conserve.

Leo Brown

Geir said...

It has become a secular religion, with the religious fervor of the fanatics. It is probably the greatest religion substitute today.

EDFree said...

Geir, I agree....Environmentalism is modern Paganism and nature worship. "Global warming" is a convenient lie for the geoengineering agenda, and Agenda 21 in general.

Bruce Charlton said...

@EDFree - "modern Paganism and nature worship" but in a very weak and hypocritical sense only. It lacks the motivating, self-sacrificing power of a real religion.