Friday 23 August 2019

Messing About on the River, sung by Josh MacRae - five reasons why it's good

As featured on Children's Favourites/ Junior Choice BBC Radio Home Service in my childhood

1. The splish -- splosh -- water percussive accompaniment
2. The tune - Tony Hatch, one of the best
3. The lyrics (Les Reed) - well-turned, consistently interesting
4. The singing - relaxed, very pleasant
5. The mood and sentiment


dearieme said...

"Or you might want to scull in a glass-fibred hull."

Where I grew up sculling wasn't sitting down and rowing backwards with two oars. It was propelling a boat with a single oar over the stern, often while standing up. It takes practice. Also a punt wasn't a flat-bottomed boat for poling but a clinker-built boat for rowing and sculling.

Still, I have no argument with the sentiment. Going outdoors and doing things is good for boys. You'll probably tell me that the Fourth Gospel records Jesus as saying as much.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d He didn't need to say it, since it was something the pagans already knew.

Bruce Charlton said...

PS JMac was a Scot, tho he doesn't sound like one here.

dearieme said...

@BC: was He addressing the pagans, though? Wasn't he principally addressing his fellow Jews?