Tuesday 6 August 2019

Clutching at straws versus hope; Benefit of the doubt versus abetting evil

I am now sure that our 'civilisation' is going to end soon; and also that this is a necessary thing because of the great evil that we are attempting (satanic transhumanist totalitarianism).

There is not the critical mass of well-motivated and courageous people necessary to salvage society - indeed, there are not enough such to be called a 'mass' - which is another way of saying that very nearly everybody is on the wrong side.

There isn't much awareness of this; partly due to two sins masquerading as virtues: these are clutching at straws and giving the benefit of the doubt to the powers of evil.

An example of clutching at straws is the pathetic belief that people who are on the 'moderate' wing of the wrong side will somehow 'save us' - even though these people do not even want to save us. Examples would be Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

All Christians know that Hope is a virtue; and fake Christians may use this to defend their own delusional refusal to acknowledge what they, deep down, know to be the case. Consequently, they embrace the lie of virtuality - which is just about the worst and most anti-Christian thing that they could do. 

This also links to 'the benefit of the doubt' - which is the justification for failing to acknowledge the reality of purposive evil, even as it stares you in the face - often because evil dishonestly, and however incoherently or implausibly, claims good motivations.

This is most evident when a new leader arrives at an institution or in a bureaucracy. Despite that all leaders of all significant social institutions are actively evil and that bureaucracy is intrinsically evil; there is always a call to give the new bass 'the benefit of the doubt', and 'a chance'.

But there is no doubt (or no grounds for reasonable doubt). So, what this means in practice is to collaborate in evil under the pretence that it might actually be good. 

Even worse, nowadays, even when agents of evil state exactly what evils they are intending to do, and make clear their own wicked reasons for doing it; too many people nevertheless excuse their own compliance with such evil will - on the grounds that 'They don't really mean it...'.

At root; such excuses are merely thinning disguises either for moral cowardice, or for sharing the objectives of the virtuality.

And its about time that serious Christians recognised them as such. In such times we need to know our enemy - even, or especially, when that enemy is almost-everybody-else, and when the enemy is treacherously pretending to be a friend.

Note: I suppose that it behoeves me to state what - if not clutching at straws nor giving the B. of the D. to servants of evil - I suppose that Hope really is... My answer is that Hope is ultimately the faith, belief and trust that we will (by love) personally attain to eternal resurrected life in Heaven, as promised by Jesus Christ; and (inextricably related to that), that this world is God's creation, with all that entails.

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