Sunday 22 November 2020

Why I am socio-politically pessimistic...

It is not surprising, but even Christians mix-up hope with optimism, and this-world with eternity. 

But in reality our Hope of salvation (getting to Heaven) and theosis (spiritual development during mortal life); have almost nothing to do with Optimism about our socio-political situation - with 'saving The West' - or, in my case, with restoring Albion. 

Therefore, while Christians must have hope, we are not obliged to be optimistic. And while despair is a sin; my pessimism about the prospects of a Western (or English) Christian revival rolling-back the Global Satanic Establishment coup, is merely my current personal evaluation about future socio-politics. 

And although I sometimes have preferences among the various powerful/ high-status/ famous/ influential persons and institutions of public discourse and organisation - from what I actually know; I regard them - one and all - as being On The Wrong Side in the great spiritual war of this world. 


Therefore... I am generally un-impressed by bravado and sabre-rattling among Christians when it comes to what Christians should Do, what Action we should take, and how important it is to Fight - when it comes to this-worldly socio-politics.  All this amounts to a vague wish that first somebody-else will make a Big Strong Army of God - and then I will consent to join-in the battle.

By my judgment, Kristor - at the Orthosphere - gives better strategic guidance, when he says:

The only question then is whether we shall die nobly, as faithful Christian witnesses and vassals of Christ our Captain and Head, or debased, as defectors from the cause of Truth in favor of the Father of Lies, and so for the sake of some lesser and impermanent good.

So; while it is indeed appealing to suppose we might engage in some modern, idealised version of The Crusades, side-by-side with other brave men and as part of an Army of God; it seems more likely that we should be preparing for a 'fight' requiring far greater courage and resolution: to make the choice that leads to a reviled death alone - or (if we are fortunate) with a handful of faithful family.

You know the kind of thing I mean...   


Gary Bleasdale said...

I am firmly convinced that socio-political change in the direction we would like it (a reversal of leftism) is not going to happen, because it is quite literally impossible.

To-day, the public realm (as defined by the mass-media; aggressively implemented and pursued by the State and its corporate helpers; and accepted blindly by the vast majority of the populace) simply is secular, and will not develop in any direction other than leftism. And this, as this blog (correctly) points out again and again, because of the assumptions which underpin *everything* in the public realm (and for most, in the private realm, too)

The only place to be Christian to-day, is in the heart, and in the places where the heart can really reach - close family and friends, and perhaps spiritual brothers.

I believe, however, we must not be too pessimistic about our mortal lives either - about our prospects for having a life of (sufficient) prosperity and temporal joys. A Loving Father such as ours, will not bring us here to make us suffer - there will be peace and joy even if the "World Burns" (As it currenly is and will continue to do ever more so) because these are Gifts from God and in a real sense come from within and are generated from within.

(For counterfactual evidence, look at our world, which was a cornucopia of abundance in the West, and got so rabid that it literally detonated itself and blew itself up...)

Finally, I am also convinced that those who participate in God, and intentfully "eat the flesh" of Christ (i.e. become christs with a little c, albeit not Jesus Christ), will be protected by God and will not be thrust into situations which they didn´t *really* want.

They *will* be protected by thousands of miracles, small and large, visible and invisible, as they grow in Love, Faith, Charity and Rigteousness.

And when the time for suffering and death comes, as it must, we will never be alone or left bereft, if we don´t want to be....

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - Good points. The distinction is between the socio-political level, and the fact that each personal life is unique - and we can trust in God (the creator) that our individual life *will* provide the kind of experiences we most need to grow spiritually.

It is in That sense that we are 'protected' I think - tho I would rather say 'provided' than protected. Because, on the other hand, if we need nasty experiences to learn something vital - when nothing else will suffice, they will surely be provided.

God can be trusted to provide.

This mortal life is transient, therefore it exists for our eternal life; but the events of this mortal life are potentially of eternal significance - so this life is Also an end in itself. A means And an end.

I don't see any standard template for the Christian - indeed, of people I know well enough to form an evaluation - each person is very obviously different from each other. And each family is different.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Three very important points laid out in that reply, and agreed.

BC said...

I think this is what Tolkien saw most clearly indeed. His world, despite all the beauty, held a pessimism even in victory.

Even if the current battle is won, honest Christians must concede this is only a temporary delay in *this world* until the End Times come and God is triumphant.

Avro G said...

"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come…Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. "

– Matthew 24:42,46

"The only question then is whether we shall die nobly, as faithful Christian witnesses and vassals of Christ our Captain and Head, or debased, as defectors from the cause of Truth in favor of the Father of Lies…"

Amen. This is the choice each one can and must make and which our demonic earthly overlords can't take away.

ajb said...

Not sure why either optimism or pessimism about specific concrete outcome x, y, or z are useful or warranted. Pray, take action, repeat. You are a small part of a much bigger plan.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ajb "Not sure why either optimism or pessimism about specific concrete outcome x, y, or z are useful or warranted"

What? Useful? Warranted? Sounds like Mr Spock talking!

ajb said...

"What? Useful? Warranted? Sounds like Mr Spock talking!"

Hmmm ...

Let me try these, then.

"Worry not for the morrow, but let the morrow worry for itself."

"Fear not, I go before you always."

Or how about

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith God. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."


"The only place to be Christian to-day, is in the heart"

That has always been the only place to be Christian. ;)

Bruce Charlton said...

@ajb - My post is saying that optimism and pessimism are properly based on an evaluation of what Will happen. And that this is - properly - not necessarily linked with any particular emotional state.

In my experience, many claim to give no notice to the morrow - but those who live by this are Extremely rare (and neither write nor comment on blogs!).

In practice, we we just will, must and actually Do form evaluations about whether things are getting better, or will get better - or the reverse. Saying we should not evaluate trends (which are operting on a weekly basis now) is an evasion - an act of self-blinding.

There are optimists on the Left who believe that since the sixties sexual morality culminating the officially encouraging/ enforcing 'trans-ing' of children has been a moral triumph, that we are Now on the verge of a great leap forward globally, that the birdemic response is also a triumph, that supporting an expanding MLB is a so morally fundamental that Not to do so it sufficient evidence of evil, that it is good, right and necessary that the world be reorganised to reduce CO2 levels etc.

This is optimism about The World: others are optimistic about the church to which they belong, the health care system, universities, science - whatever. They believe these institutions are good and getting better. That the path they have been on is an improvement, and that this path will/ should continue.

But I and others are pessimistic because we regard these changes as evil and these trends as getting more evil. I regard 2020 as an enhancement of evil, not a step towards a better world.

What I am saying is that this pessimism is not emotional - it is an evaluation. My emotions are a different matter (am I cheerful or depressed?), the nature of my character different (am I nice or nasty?) - and my virtues and sins (am I good or evil by affiliation?) is another matter again.

We need to be clear about these matters - and they should be kept distinct. We should live spiritually as if there may be no tomorrow - because such matters will not be put off (to put off spiritual matters is to side with Satan). But this world is real and relevant, our selves likewise; and forming evaluations about worldly things is a necessary part of mortal life.

While it may be possible for a real innocent to exist - who lives for the day only (a Christian Diogenes) we would not know about him unless he was family or a neighbour; and he could not have a family, do a job, or be socially engaged.

But for the rest of us; we must make judgments about the future; and these judgments need to be broadly valid - or we will take the wrong side.

ajb said...


Thank you for this extended response, and you of course make many good points.

I suppose I can't shake the feeling when reading posts like this that there is a trick of the egoic mind going on - not that we shouldn't have a clear-eyed view of negative aspects of trends in the last 60 years - of course this is important. Nor is it simply that I think predictions are difficult to make, especially about the future, although that is true.

But rather, it is simply that the focus is misplaced. Anyway, that is my feeling.