Wednesday 23 June 2021

How do modern people choose evil? (Why can't/ won't people believe in the reality of the spiritual war?)

It is becoming more and more evident that (as of now) one must believe-in the spiritual war of God versus the demons, Good versus evil, if one is to  avoid being tempted into damnation. 

Yet this belief is an impossibility for most modern people, for the plain reason that they are already in thrall to the demonic agenda; a major plank of which is (in the early stages) to deny the reality of evil and the reality of the spiritual war.

People have mostly already picked sides in the spiritual war, even though they deny it; because in the lives they are working for the evil telos (i.e. aim, purpose). In a nutshell: many/ most people have already chosen evil. 

This happens by participation in modern society; which is evil both structurally and by intent. 

1. Evil structure: bureaucracy and the mass media

The two characteristic forms of the world in recent decades are bureaucracy and the mass media. These share the exclusion of God and the spirit; and the reduction of all entities to an instrumental level. The bureaucracy works by rules that exclude God and the spirit; and also the human. the human is broken down into sub-functions; and made subject to algorithms and other abstract processes - and there is an innate tendency to make these abstractions quantifiable, numerical. 

The mass media is directed at manipulation of mass-scale emotions and motivation by attracting and holding attention, and shaping (entraining) attitudes, thoughts, actions by means of mechanisms both explicit (hard sell, Big Lies) and implicit (soft sell, tendentious reasoning on the basis of hidden and denied assumptions). 

For the past 50 years this has mainly taken the form of Leftist Convergence. All the mass media, by now (insofar as they are 'mass') operate within many or all the current and prevalent Leftist assumptions. 

By engaging with the mass (and social) media for many hours per day; by taking attitudes, information, morality and the focus of conversations from the mass media - by such participation human thinking is necessarily trained into habits that conform to those of the media. 

And by participating in employment, and in any institutions that are large or powerful enough to require engagement with the One Global Bureaucracy (i.e. The System, The Matrix) - for example by compliance with law, employment/ workplace/ union/ environmental regulations, health & safety, taxes and subsidies... 

By such participation the mind is trained in habits of excluding (ignoring, denying, down-rating) everything except The Material. 

Success and status in work: getting employed and promoted; having 'a good name; money, fame - indeed simple job-retention; now all all depend upon mastery of this materialist, anti-divine, anti-human, intrinsically-Left assuming discourse. 


2. Evil intent: evil telos/ aims/ overall purpose. 

This happens because The System as a whole is converged into the One Bureaucracy, with all its many sub-systems - national and by purported function - components of the overall aim: which is evil. 

We do not know the exact names of the humans (and perhaps demonic entities) that ultimately control the world; but it is obvious that the higher one goes up the hierarchy; the greater the conformity to the evil agenda...

Until at the highest known levels of personnel and their organization (e.g. the multi-billionaire financiers, wealth-owners, and the richest and most powerful multi-national corporations and global institutions) the explicit agenda is objectively net-evil: totalitarian and Leftist; anti-God, anti-spiritual, anti-Christian, anti-human - and indeed anti-planet. 

This agenda is now (2021) projected downwards into all sub-systems by mandatory aims that are monitored and regulated; for example relating to inclusivity/ the sexual revolution and anti-racism; 'environmentalism' - in particular the CO2 climate emergency; 'social justice', and - since 2020 - the birdemic. 

All this means that - here and now - All participation in All sub-systems (including churches) is orientated towards the evil telos

And All participation in all sub-systems entrains the mind in assumptions, attitudes and habits that are themselves evil. 

So, this is why modern people choose evil - by default; by simply following the modes of The World. 

By default - yes; but not without choice; because every Man has within him something of God; and every Man has the capacity to learn from the Holy Ghost; thus every Man will to some significant extent and at some point, discern and recognize evil - and know it as evil. 

However, that initial discernment and choice may very soon be lost - when he makes a choice to join the side of Satan against God. 

When Men have chosen evil, they may soon lose the capacity to discern evil; they lose much of what would be regarded as free will or personal agency. 

Indeed, modern Man characteristically strenuously-denies (e.g. regards as 'unscientific', or 'judgmental', or 'victim-blaming') his own innate and ineradicable capacity for free choice. By choosing not to be free; modern man renders himself a mental slave of The Evil System - all the more thoroughly in thrall because of his inability to recognize the face. 

Such is exactly the situation as it appears here and now; probably everywhere but certainly in the Western World. 

And it is probably a major reason why people cannot and will not believe the reality of the spiritual war of this world. 

Note: The above was triggered and stimulated by a short video from Chris Langan. He has a very different metaphysical basis than me - but it clearly serves him very well; and his moral discernments are strong and valid. 


Days of Lot said...

Good points as usual...I agree 100% that there is a spiritual component to people's beliefs about the birdemic. Some are completely blind, though others know something is off...yet they still choose to go along with the lies because they love the world (travel, careerism, entertainment, etc.) more than the truth. Many people are willing to sell out their souls for a very low price these days.

ben said...

How about the idea that individuals are just innately worse now? Mutation/bad souls. Maybe there's a sort of illusion created where it appears the increased evil is down to the environment because the evil is manifesting at the same time across individuals, but it's actually that similarly evil individuals are coming into the world at the same time. Then they worsen each other through interacting with each other. I doubt the average 18th century Englishman, raised in this environment, would be as evil as the average person here and now.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - "How about the idea that individuals are just innately worse now?" I think that may well be true, and have actually written to this effects a few times.

Since people are placed where and when they are by God, I think we must assume that it is broadly the right environment for the kind of souls born in this time and place. It may be that modern souls are so intrinsically evil-prone that it requires our current extreme and polarized division between Good and evil, for even *some* of us to discern and choose the Good.