Monday 28 June 2021

Leftist conformity

Another of the lessons of the birdemic year of 2020 was that leftism means conformity. The more leftist a nation, region, or person - the more conformity to the global agenda. 

While this is now, officially, One World under Satan - the variation in degree of Satanic conformity within this One World correlates very obviously with leftism - the more leftist, the more Satanic.

Indeed, leftist extreme/ hardline/ activism since the millennium (such as MLB-antifa/racism or Climate-Rebellion-Extinction-Emergency) has come to mean aggressively demanding that the global billionaire elites do exactly want they already want to do; only more and faster

Leftism just is actual cowardly and expedient conformity and careerism; while indulging a self-gratifying fantasy (sustained by the media and officialdom) of bold independence and revolutionary originality. 

(Thus the shoals of supposedly 'shocking' and rebellious popular UK public figures who end-up wealthy powerful, famous; and with medals from the Queen, knighthoods, peerages and 'prestigious' awards - while simultaneously being officially labelled as marginalized, excluded members of an oppressed minority.)  

One interesting side-effect is that the word 'radical' - which was until recently a cheer term for idealistic-leftism; has been redefined as anti-left. What used to be called left radicals are now 'activists'; as above. 

In retrospect we can see a vast con; gong back to the middle 1960s when leftism shifted from a focus on class resentment and the economy (equal opportunities, nationalization etc.) to personal resentment - with the sexual revolution, women and race as the basis of multiple 'victim groups'. 

Leftists were labelled as the bold, independent minded radicals - even as they were being groomed into the managerial and bureaucratic class - expressing their 'radicalism' in terms of obedience to fashions - in hair, clothes, sexuality, 'good causes' and so on and on, always changing - always being-changed from above. 

Activism is now the willing embrace of whatever is current and approved - whether that be anti-white antiracism or the birdemic-peck scam; mutilation and poisoning of children in the trans-agenda; or looting and micro-managing the world economy to reduce CO2 and kill viruses. 

Whatever the twists and turns, lies and tortures of the current, Globalist-approved agenda - leftists will embrace it, enforce it - will hate, demonize and try to destroy anybody who does not. And those who do not (i.e. those 'radicals' who have-been 'radicalized') are - increasingly - just a minority of individuals who have personal conviction of the reality of a personal God, and that this is God's created world.   

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