Saturday 26 June 2021

What to do about spiritual Stuckness

It happens every day, and sometimes for days on end, that I get spiritually Stuck. My head feel cloudy, full; my mind superficial or sluggish - my emotions flat or down, my energies hyper or lacking. 

Traditionally, the solution was to recommend some kind of spiritual technique, some method such as a form of prayer or meditation - some practice that is trained and which (it is intended) should become habitual, automatic.

But for Man 2021, this is really just psychotherapy. It is like prescribing a drug to make people feel... Not better, but less-miserable, less bad.

So, if not - then what? 

Simply (but difficulty) to learn from it. To learn from one's state and problems - learn spiritually. 

Look within and learn.


Jonathan said...

What about those of us who have been spiritually stuck since birth, with no ray of sunlight ever penetrating the clouds?

I don't know where my belief in God and the transcendent comes from (unless it's from the late Beethoven sonatas), but I do not experience spiritual epiphanies like you do, not even small ones.

David Earle said...

Useful reminder. There is treasure to be found where you'd be least likely to look.

Being aware of any and all states of mind and learning from them have been immensely helpful, even the meta-awareness of not being up to the task itself.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jonathan - each individual and his situation is unique and presumably tailored to each soul's need.

Maniac said...

Same here, Jonathan. I pleaded with God to soften my heart so that I can forgive the people who've hurt me in the past, to no avail. That, along with the untimely passing of my mother due to pancreatic cancer, are a few of the many reasons I haven't been to church in over two years.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Maniac - Only you can find the meaning in this - well meant *generic* (one size fits all) advice (including from traditional Christianity) is as likely to be counter-productive as helpful.

But recognizing that you personally (nobody else) are seeking what your soul (specifically) needs; May help.