Wednesday 2 February 2022

Is there a Christianity that comes prior to theology?

I regard all metaphysics and theology (including those I believe) as ultimately wrong, in the same way that all scientific theories are ultimately wrong – because always partial and distorted; because they are all brief and linguistic ‘models’ of a reality that is of unbounded complexity and ‘interconnectivity’ (or rather, seamless connection). 

That is one reason why I do not care much about what denomination, doctrine or metaphysics somebody holds – because I regard ‘being a Christian’ as prior to whatever metaphysics or theology we try to express it by. 

This does not need to be expressed as a core theology – although it might be (subject to the same proviso as complex theology). But our discernment seems quite able to do the job for us in a world where evil has become so explicit and extreme. 

My best lesson of the past two years has been to reveal that churches/ denominations have become all-but irrelevant in predicting whether or not some individual is a real Christian, or has joined the other side. It turns-out that self-identification as a Christian person, organization or church means almost nothing in 2022... 

But this is a wonderful thing! Suddenly - after centuries of failure - the problem of ‘the divided church’ has just dissolved-away and Christians can recognize each other from whatever direction. 

(Although sadly it turns-out there aren’t nearly as many Christians as would have been hoped before two years ago.)

What this means is that there is a Christianity that comes prior to metaphysics, theology and church membership. 

We first become 'a Christian' and only then may we try to decide what kind of Christian. 

We may find a ready-prepared niche in on already-existing church - or we may not. We may be satisfied by one of the various explanations of what it is to be a Christian - or we may not. We may discover a coherent and sufficient explanation-in-words of what it is to be a Christian - or we may not.  

Or, if we already-are a Christian - we can recognize that we are a Christian first and some kind of a Christian secondarily and less-importantly. 

In a nutshell; it has become simpler and more obvious than before who is on the side of God, and who isn't. 

Such is the gift of these End Times. 

Developed from my comment to a post by Kristor at The Orthosphere

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