Thursday 3 February 2022

It is because our reality is co-created by us, that we are vulnerable to manipulation by the virtual realities of The System

The introduction to a talk Virtual reality and the paranormal, given by Rudolf-Steiner-expert Stanley Messenger in the 1990s, provides a concise account of how it is that Men are so vulnerable to manipulation by the evil-intending fakery of the Virtuality imposed upon us by officialdom and the mass media. 

The point is that when we are born we do not know the world - we only experience 'impressions'; but soon after we begin to add (from ourself) the conceptual basis that we need to understand and to know. 

Because we are each different, distinct (ultimately in soul, also in our genetics and bodily composition) - each thenceforth has a different reality. But our society-environment encourages (demands!) that we assume that there is one perceived reality, universal. So we are already - even as children - living on a false basis: i.e. that the world is the same for everybody. 

We ought to awaken to the realization that we are co-creators of reality - yet people almost never do so; and instead double-down on the belief that there is one reality - and that reality is imposed upon us from externally. 

Because of this error (or self-lie) we are open to be manipulated by external power - almost without limit; since a sufficiently powerful pervasive, incentivized external power can compel upon us false conceptions by-which the sensory impressions get interpreted and understood. 

The way-out is to understand what is happening; and that we intrinsically co-create our reality - and therefore that when the reality imposed upon us is evil, we absolutely need to choose a different reality. 

In different words; we need to understand and reject the evil concepts we have absorbed from evil motivated externals; and to replace these with God-orinetated concepts to which we have acces from our own partly-divine natures and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. 

Then we will understand and know 'the world' by co-creating in a way that is aligned with God's intentions - instead of the Satanic motivation that we (as of 2022) absorb from our environment whenever we remain un-conscious and passive. 


John J. Fitzgerald said...

The satanic motivation behind something like the Metaverse by Facebook is glaringly obvious to me. It has been feeding on images of people's life for years now and is nearing the point where it wants to provide back to them the fake version of their life that they will live virtually.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JJF - Yes. What is worst is that so many people apparently Want this!

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton,
How is your view different from a form of nihilism?
I am quite in agreement with you, and perhaps the label of nihilism isn't even a bad thing, but I can see how your view would be stigmatized as nihilism.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Todd - What is your understanding of nihilism?

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton:
My old, immediate understanding of nihilism is:
A POV or philosophy that claims that life has no meaning or purpose.
However, other definitions seem to mean a philosophy that claims that there is no objective reality, or no single, shared, objective truth.

If I use the definition that I have always felt to be true, then your metaphysics or def of reality is not nihilistic. If I use widely held views of nihilism, then your view would be considered nihilistic.
I see the irony here: I have to be the one to choose my defintion of nihilism. And by the one I have always felt to represent what I mean by nihilism, you are not advocated nihilism. Because a faith/belief in God and the importance of creating with God, is most definitely not lacking in meaning or purpose.

ben said...

"ultimately in soul, also in our genetics and bodily composition"

The genes would underlie the sublimation process. The genes would receive spirit and convert it into body. They would be the this-world part of the equation anyway, or part of it.