Friday 11 February 2022

Why it is a Good Thing that Amazon's Tolkien will be so very bad

There is not the slightest doubt that the forthcoming Amazon Tolkien TV show will be very, very bad indeed -- but that is actually a Good Thing for those like me who deeply love Tolkien's work, and especially we who value it as a source of spiritual wisdom. 

The Amazon organization are a major, globally-dominant source of ruling-Establishment purposive demonic evil. 

The fact that they are spending more money on ruining-Tolkien than anyone has ever spent on a TV show, demonstrates how important the project of ruining-Tolkien is to the powers-that-should-not-be. 

The biggest danger of this venture was therefore if Amazon had produced a brilliantly-executed, gripping and entertaining show that appealed to the core (actual or potential) Tolkien-fantasy audience - and then insidiously used the drama's emotionality and attention-locking power to get past Tolkienite's Good-value-defenses.

If they had chosen insensibly to soft-sell a covert evil agenda; un-consciously to swap-in the concepts that generate an evil-woke, Establishment-friendly, anti-Christian fake-JRR Tolkien; and thereby aimed to pre-empt, divert or subvert audience appreciation of the real Tolkien and his values.

That was a real danger...

However we need not worry about that anymore! 

Why? Because it is extremely difficult to produce a high quality TV show of the kind that affects people's lives and thinking. Therefore, it can only happen when producing a high quality TV show is the primary aim - to which other objectives (including the encouragement of evil) take a subordinate place. 

Thus; when a TV show, movie, novel or any other art-form (or, indeed any human organization or institution) makes value-inverted leftism its main aim - it will Always be of poor quality. 


Hence ineffective at subverting Goodness

So; it is obvious to the meanest intelligence that the Amazon Tolkien will be mediocre At Best. 

Phew - we've dodged a bullet! 


William Wildblood said...

The Amazon thing will be like Morgoth making orcs out of elves.

Brick Hardslab said...

I'm afraid that it will taint the collective perception of what his work is.

When researchers sought college students who had been unaffected by pornography they found none. I fear a similar thing here. There will be no young people whose vision of Tolkien's world is not tainted by Amazon pornographic Tolkien. For an old man like me who grew up with the books, that Amazon not-Tolkien has no power. But for a kid who has not read the books or only seen Jackson's work this can permanently sully their view.

Deogolwulf said...

I'm glad Tom Shippey left early on.

Joseph A. said...

Like looking into the Eye of Sauron!