Friday 11 February 2022

Why do I bang-on so much about theology and metaphysics? Should I not focus on points of Christian agreement?

Because the reason I bang-on about theology and metaphysics is that I am so desperate for Christian harmony - harmony among Christians of all kinds! 

At present, too many Christians define their Christianity wholly in terms of an unique theology or doctrine; and therefore, naturally, they regard those who differ with them as being Not Christian - and on-the-other-side of the spiritual war.

Conversely, I want Christians to understand that being-a-Christian comes first, and theological explanations second. 

There are untold millions of ways of being-a-Christian - as ought to be apparent from Jesus having made clear that children can be among his best followers. 

Therefore, all Christians need to develop a pre-theological way of understanding their Christianity. 

By offering and explaining a non-orthodox theology and metaphysics - which is explanatorily superior in some ways - I intend to make people realize that there is more than one way of being-a-Christian. And, if more than one - then presumably many... 

Why do I say this is needed? Why shouldn't people just 'get along' without thinking about it? 

Well, my reading of these times is that one of the most important of our tasks in this era is to understand consciously and explicitly

We can no longer rely on passive, unconscious tradition - so that even the traditional must be chosen; and therefore we need to be able to answer the question: why? 

There is a price to pay for all this. It is a rule of life that things can only get better in the long term by being sub-optimal in the short-term - so the immediate effect of good policies is almost-always at least somewhat - and sometimes very - adverse in the short-term.

I think we can see all around, here-and-now, that unless people have a true and explicit self-understanding - they cannot (or at least will not) resist the pervasive influences towards evil - and evil includes the fomenting of hostility between Christian denominations, churches, and 'the unaffiliated'.

To avoid such inter-Christian fighting in the long run, and to be motivated strongly-enough to live by this; we need to develop a true understanding of Christianity that unites all real Christians - and distinguishes them from the mass majority of those affiliated with Satan and his servants. 

Every single soul who can be brought to the side of Good, and to live in spiritual harmony with others who follow Christ; can (by the workings of divine providence) make an unboundedly significant difference to the positive prospects of this world. 

And that is why I bang-on about theology and metaphysics.

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