Friday 1 April 2022

The distinctive quality of ruling-class evil - now (for the first time) explicit, mandatory and universal

One of the first adult novels I read was Robert Graves's I Claudius/ Claudius The God - so I was familiar from my early teens with the idea that the ruling-class can be the worst people in a society; those at the top being much worse than 'the lowest of the low'. 

The depravity - especially sexual depravity - of the court and some of the early Emperors - was at an extremity beyond, and a nature qualitatively-different from, that of the mass of ordinary people. 

Depravity - and especially unnatural sexual depravity - has indeed been a feature of ruling-classes in many times and places.

Ordinary people sin in ordinary ways - but the ruling-class are often so alien in their motivations - and the sins that are a consequence, that there are many people who believe this is explicable in terms of actual alien (i.e. not-human, from other-planet) genetic influences, going back through history. 

In other words, the belief is that parts of Mankind have, at times through many centuries or millennia, been ruled by some kind of alien-human hybrids who have different psychological and moral attributes; and who regard the masses as lower-beings to be exploited for pleasure and profit merely. 

In contrast, I acknowledge the 'facts' of the situation - but I believe that that the situation has arisen due to interactions between humans and demons, not aliens. 

The unnatural, alien-demonic nature of ruling-class evil serves as a protection from the observation and interpretations of ordinary men and women; because their motivations and sins are not just beyond the limit of normal imagination, but as well of normal desire

Ordinary people don't want to do what so many of the ruling-classes want to do, and do - and therefore find it hard to believe that anybody really could want such stuff, or could behave in such ways. 

Therefore, the evidence of extreme and unnnatural depravity - and what that evidence tells us about the motivations of the ruling-classes - is ignored, denied, and soon forgotten. 

For a long while, there was social resistance to ruling-class evil from religion; since all religions have some truth, thus no religion has ever been quite as evil as the ruling-class wanted to be. 

But with the mass apostasy from Christianity in The West over the past couple of centuries, becoming all-but complete around the millennium; there was, for the first time, little or no institutional or personal barrier to the ruling-class beginning to impose its unnatural evil upon societies, and indeed the world world. 

For the past several decades, this work of corruption has been done indirectly, negatively and by sleight, and manipulation. The laws, practices and public attitudes (such as explicit expressions of revulsion) that had held-back unnatural depravity; were first, removed and then prohibited. 

But now the process is becoming explicit. The ruling class and their minions are openly planning and implementing their alien-demonic morality on the masses - as globally as possible. 

The ruling-class predators strategies of predation are being advertised and celebrated, subsidized and rewarded - and have been made into core assumptions of an inverted-ethics supported by all the major social institutions, most nations, and international agencies. 

Extreme and unnatural depravity - with, as usual, sexual depravities most prominent - are now being imposed universally, with no opt-out permissible. 

Laws, employment rules, and the enforcement of laws and rules by officials and the media; are now substantially aligned to create a mandatory System of alien-demonic ruling-class depravity

And this is what we now have: for the first time in history.

The role of the masses is simply to obey - enthusiastically; to embrace their allocated role as playthings and slaves of evil rulers. 

This embrace of depravity is a necessary element precisely because of the unnaturalness of ruling class vice. 

Ruling-class evil is not something that 'just happens' - to gain the fullest compliance with such unnatural depravity, there needs to be an apparatus of overwhelming propaganda and coercion. 

There needs to be a snowballing of corruption and recruitment - whereby those of the masses who first become most advanced in corruption are recruited as servants of the demonic-ruling-class.

(These corrupted servants being incentivized by promise of scraps and leftovers from the ruling class feast of mass - especially-sexual - exploitation.) 

This is what it is to live in a state of spiritual war, when evil is triumphant in this world. 

What should we do? First notice, then understand, then fight the spiritual war at the spiritual level - starting at home, with our-selves (who are part of the problem). 

This war cannot be won at the material level (e.g. by politics, law, counter-propaganda) - firstly, because of the gross mismatch of power; secondly, because to fight spiritual evil using material means is to reinforce the evil. 

It is, after all, materialism which has put us in this situation: self-cut-off - as we are - from God, Jesus Christ and divine providence.

So 'First Things' must come first; we need to focus on the macro-level

We must go deep; right down to metaphysical assumptions concerning the nature of reality: God, creation, resurrection etc.... 

And the rest will follow.  


William Wildblood said...

No need to publish this, Bruce, but I can't believe we have both written posts saying first thing first at pretty much exactly the same time!

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton:
Thanks for another good one.
I needed this, because in the present moment some friends have gone whole-hog on fighting the evil materially, and gone frenetically trying to recruit everyone for some sort of war against the ruling powers. It's aggressive, and those who don't join in are being shamed. If you try to focus on the spiritual war within, one is called a coward, or someone who doesn't care.

The view that the spiritual state of men and women here in this realm matter, and is actually primary to physical and "informational" confrontation rings true to me, and your essay helps to shore up that view for me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William. What kind of minds think alike?

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Excellent! Direct and to the point. Thank you.

MeneMene said...

Whenever I am wringing my hands about the evil world and wondering rhetorically "however shall we conquer it?" the words, "By my Spirit" spring forth in response. It is the only possible answer.

Guy Jean said...

I'm probably the last person to have read this, but Vaclav Havel's Essay "The Power of the Powerless" was recently recommended to me by someone to whom I'd recommended Solzhenitsyn's "Live Not By Lies".

It's long but gives a remarkably detailed analysis of how tyranny works. The depressing thing is every now and then realizing he's not talking about the West today but communist dictatorship behind the Iron Curtain.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GJ -

Guy Jean said...

THx. I knew you'd have it covered!