Thursday 31 March 2022

Keeping focused on macro-, not micro-, issues!

We live in a world of micro-issues - and the world conspires to induce us to focus upon them. 

The macro-issues, by contrast, are related to God versus Satan, Good and evil, and salvation or damnation - and these are a different matter. 

The constant temptation is to focus on the micro-issues and leave the macro- put-aside until later... but once that decision has been made, somehow that 'later' never comes. 

Some of the micro-issues loom very large - the birdemic-peck, antiracism, climate, mass im/migration, and the Fire Nation for instance. These are 'geo-political' in import, civilizational in scale - and they are happening Now; therefore they seem to be of primary urgency... 

Yet they are all of them micro-, in the crucial sense that none of these Big Things will or can be dealt-with, unless and until the macro-issues have been decided. 

So - don't be too distracted by, or focused-upon, secondary micro-issues such as the End of The West and the Collapse of the World. 

There are qualitatively more-important matters that here-and-now, first-and-foremost, and without delay - demand your urgent attention: and the attention of everyone alive. 

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