Sunday 23 July 2023

Discerning within the mainstream media: pick the least-worst side, then move-on...

We cannot be neutral, nor can we ignore that which impinges upon our attention. These are psychological facts. 

The mass media knows this, as do all the other agents of totalitarianism in government, education, corporations etc - i.e. The System. 

The System therefore 'plays' us, be generating a continuous stream of issues, of moral 'stories'; in which there are two sides both of which are on the overall-side of evil. These manufactured disputes are the basis of nearly all mainstream public discourse. 

It is important to recognize that (very-nearly...) all of these disputes occur amongst the agents of evil - of different types of evil; else they would not be given media prominence at all

They may involve lustful evil versus organized evil, short-term evil versus long-term, destructive evil versus systemic evil... 

But all those issues that become mainstream are ones in which both alternatives lead to support of one or another item on the agenda of evil.   

It would be nice if we could be unaware of these stories, if we could ignore them; but the fact is that for many people, most of the time - they cannot be ignored. The issues of the day reach us, by multiple channels: we are confronted by them; and our innate human nature dictates that we cannot be neutral about them, we cannot ignore them... 

We are drawn-in, despite ourselves.

What to do? As I say, the problem is essentially unavoidable for most of us. No matter how we try, the issues will get through. What then?

My advice is to accept that we are moral beings, that we are innate discerners and evaluators; and that we might as well accept that, recognize that we are being asked to choose between evils, make the choice of the lesser evil... And just move-on

We must not - because that is the System-intent, the System wants us to do this - get drawn into expending energy and effort in promoting, or even defending, the lesser evil.  

Because we cannot help it - we make a discernment between evils; but we should not waste further effort on the matter, and should nip-in-the-bud any tendency emotionally to invest in the lesser-evil side.

Support, effort, energy - these ought to be reserved for The Good. 

No matter how little it seems, no matter that we are told it is futile; our thinking/ emotional/ intellectual/ active-physical support of that which is Good; is exactly how the world is made better, and how Men may be brought to Truth. 

Support for the least-worst option of the lesser evil will just sustain, strengthen, and ensure the triumph of evil. But when we support Good - any Good, no matter how small - then, by doing so, we will shift the balance of power somewhat in the right direction.  

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