Monday 10 July 2023

Right Metaphysics is crucial yet negative

[Note added, see below*.]

I spend a lot of time here talking about how vital it is, Now, to have the right metaphysics; especially to realize that this is a created, animated, living, conscious, purposive universe.

And this is very difficult to achieve.

But even at best, even if this is indeed achieved, then right metaphysics is just a mould into which we must ourselves pour right thinking (and right other actions).

Metaphysics is a frame, assumptions; and then we must do stuff: do the Right Stuff.

Metaphysics is negative, doing (including thinking) is the positive.

Thus we are, as usual, always at least Two steps away from effective action, or right understanding. 

If it were just One step, we would stumble on the right, randomly. If it was easy, it would be common instead of very rare. But because it is Two, the change must be purposive.

And because change must be purposive and Good; in a world of pervasive institutional evil, positive, purposive change must come from our-selves.

Which means Right Metaphysics...

As usual - what's needed is simple, but difficult.

*Note added: The need for two, or more, simultaneous changes contradicts most self-help spiritual or religious advice. Typically, it is said that we need to convert to Christianity, or look at the world from some radially different perspective... Be religious, practice X: be spiritual, meditate; Start This, or stop doing That... But the fact is that no Single thing does any significant good in the world as it is now. From where we now are, any one thing will just heal-over - and we will still be in thrall to the Matrix. No plan of actions will lead us anywhere but back, no metaphysical radicalism will reshape our lived experience. That's why It is so difficult, why success is so rare and evanescent.

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