Sunday 16 July 2023

The ongoing destruction of The West is ultimately due to "definite, deliberate, serious, cold, malevolent intent" - William Wildblood writes

William Wildblood has just published one of his special 'overview' pieces, in which many threads and issues are included and interwoven; with that serene, impartial incisiveness that WW does better than anyone!

Here is an edited sample - but you should Read The Whole Thing:

Just as there is a hierarchy of good, so there is a hierarchy of evil. 

At the upper levels of this hierarchy there is intent, definite, deliberate, serious, cold, malevolent intent. At mid and lower levels, not so much, at least not so much in the sense of something planned and acknowledged. 

Some of these people may want to destroy but they tell themselves they are motivated by honest impulses to make a better world. No doubt there are elements of that in their psychological makeup but there are also strong feelings of anger and hatred plus the afore-mentioned resentment. 

They are co-opted by those at higher levels because of some personal moral defect or intellectual weakness or spiritual vacuity. They are unwitting servants of evil but they would not be co-optable if there was not this attraction to sin or spiritual blindness within them. 

But we are all sinners so what's the difference? It is precisely this. Yes, we are all sinners but some of us recognise this and struggle against it while others allow themselves to be defined by it. 

These people justify, excuse, even celebrate their sin. They identify with it and do not allow true spiritual feeling to reveal it for what it is. It is their treasure, their pet, rather than their burden, their pride rather than their shame. 

Nothing in this world is 100% one thing. None of us are perfect and none of us are wholly bad. 

And yet, the world is moving in a direction in which the dividing line between sheep and goats - between those who, on the whole, wish to love and serve God, the truth, the good, however they might define it; and those who, in one way or another, serve the forces of anti-God, anti-truth, anti-good - is being drawn. 

Tests are underway. They examine our spiritual responses to situations and ideas, but be careful of that word spiritual...

For instance, everyone would say that God loves us - but what does he love? Does God love us as we are, or does He love the soul rather than the earthly personality? 

Both you say? Then does he love the murderer as murderer? 

This is an extreme example but it illustrates the point that though God loves the sinner he does not love the sinner as sinner

If the sinner will not let go of his sin, he is separating himself from God's love. 

God's love will always be there should the sinner repent and, for the sake of the soul, God will do what he can to bring that sinner to repentance - but God cannot override free will.


Nico's Way said...

The ruling classes are not evil, they are moral eugenicists. I believe they have a relationship with what people call God far more profound than anybody else due to being so high up in the human hierarchy. It is this relationship they have, and not various conspiracies, that gives them their power. Godless people would have no hope managing millions of other people.

On occasion, they are pricked by God's conscience and INTERVENE. These interventions follow a very similar pattern. This is one of those occasions as were WW1 and WW2, and all pandemics throughout history. All of them are moral in nature, and have nothing to do with nation v nation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JW - You need to be clearer about what You regard as a definition of evil.

To me; evil is a negation: it is *opposition* to God and divine creation, to the divine 'plan' for things.

Therefore, as of 2023 (although Not always nor in all places) the global ruling class are evil, because the oppose God's creation (in multiple and various ways). There relationship with God, insofar as it exists, is to deny the reality, authority, or rightness of God.

This is why - increasingly - the values of the ruling classes are *inversions* of Christian values - inversion is the ultimate expression of opposition.