Saturday 22 July 2023

Why is it that we cannot escape the Matrix? (Because it is our own distorted consciousness that is making it.)

I am fascinated - and, in general terms - convinced-by Rudolf Steiner's Zurich prophecy of 1918

Steiner said, in essence, that if Mankind continued to hold-to 'materialism', and to reject the reality and primacy of the spiritual; then this would distort human consciousness. Until, by about 2000AD, the process would lead to the great evils of value-inversion: in other words, evil done with belief that it is good. 

Steiner's prophecies have been fulfilled - most obviously in terms of the sexual revolution

And it seems to me that the prophecies have come true for the reason that Steiner predicted: that, by rejecting our destiny to overcome materialism (by voluntarily choosing to become more consciously spiritual), modern Man's distorted consciousness has distorted the whole world

This happens because Man's consciousness participates in the creation of reality; thus Men co-create reality. 

When our consciousness becomes evilly-distorted, so does the world. So, the origin of the Matrix/ The System/ the totalitarian world-order is in the minds of Men; and the Matrix arises from the collusive choices of Men - including our-selves. 

This is why the Matrix is now world-wide and penetrates through all social institutions; and why we cannot escape it whatever the location, and whoever we mix-with: because it is our own distorted consciousness that is making it. 

We - collectively - bring the Matrix with us, wherever we go.  

And the only escape is by development of consciousness in the direction that is ordained for us: towards conscious awareness and choice of the spiritual in life and reality. 

But, as yet, Mankind does not want this, wants instead the Matrix - and our hopes and efforts are directed merely towards amelioration of the excesses and incoherencies of the Matrix. 

Only when we are ready to take the first steps, in our own minds, outside the Matrix and into the domain of spirit; will it begin to cease to dominate the world. 


whiteknight32be said...

This makes indeed perfect sense.

Escape from the Matrix (for Mankind) is - at this time - an illusion or utopian idea. On an individual level, for each Soul/Spirit it still IS possible, yet it is quite a challenge!

Personally, the material is nowadays represented by "transhumanism" and everything it involves. The spiritual is represented by Nature (opposite to technocracy).

"The only Way out is in." And that is a very personal Choice. There seem to be very few individuals that go that Way. The pressure - to go into the other direction - is enormous.

HOW we can do this on an individual level we can only find out by using our Intuition, listen to Conscience and adapt our life(style) to it.

All this is not easy or simple at all. Most people I know "gave in" a long time ago to the technocratic pressure (which is Sorathic I think).

Bruce Charlton said...

@wk- "the material is nowadays represented by "transhumanism" and everything it involves. The spiritual is represented by Nature"

Unfortunately, as usual, neither of the options presented in the mainstream will suffice. We cannot go 'back to nature', and we cannot stay where we are.

Mia said...

Just proving your point- very, very rarely since I abandoned materialism I have had canned phrases handed to me, directly and suddenly though not inexplicably or scarily into my mind. They give me everything I need and yet are utterly useless if repeated to others.

I'll repeat them anyway here:
The only way out is through.
Eyes on the prize.

The first as respects this post, the second as respects my close personal relationships- the prize is salvation, full stop. No step-by-step guide to aid another soul's journey, no directive to be "nice" but rather to really truly and eternally LOVE the being God put in your life.