Monday 3 July 2023

Modern mainstream skepticism is a single-edged weapon

Asking fundamental questions has become a necessity for salvation and good living - but, at the same time, skeptical doubt has, for many generations, been a tool for the demolition of religion.  

So, how is good deep questioning to be distinguished from its evil doppelganger - that is designed to subvert, demoralize, demotivate and despair-induce?

Genuine questioning of fundamental assumptions is called metaphysics; and it is characterized by the honest recognition that all legitimate doubt functions as a double-edged sword

That is, doubt is always based on some assumptions - assumed fundamental truths, assumed-valid methods, assumed values etc. - and these must be turned-against themselves

The sword cuts both ways; therefore only those metaphysical assumptions that can survive being turned against themselves can be regarded as even potentially genuine. 

By stark contrast, the mainstream, modern, officially-approved doubts and skepticisms - are single edged weapons; weapons that cannot cut the wielder, and are designed purely for attack. 

The wielder of such typically Leftist destructive critiques as we observe in the discourses of atheism, the sexual revolution, diversity etc. - is always engaged in slashing attacks; and is protected by institutional power and privilege from any need to defend his own assumptions and methods from confrontations against... his own assumptions and methods. 

True, valid, well-motivated skepticism cuts on the back-stroke; therefore kills the wielder... unless he is proof against his own weapon. 

And that is how we know that positive, truth-motivated metaphysics is afoot; rather than negative-destructive evil. 

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