Wednesday 28 July 2021

What do demons want? What motivates them?

There are some fascinating and important reflections on this vital (literally vital) subject from William Wildblood, and following-up from WmJas Tychonievich

Wildblood states the basic idea:

It would be my contention that just as there is a divine plan for mankind so there is also a demonic plan... Their aim is to absorb the energy from human souls for their own benefit and use. They have cut themselves off from the source of life and need life energy to maintain their existence. So they seek to corrupt souls.

Tychonievich amplifies:

Pure spite just doesn't seem like enough of a reason for the devil to keep working tirelessly, millennium after millennium, for something that brings no benefit to him personally. It seems plausible that the devils must in some way need human damnation, that they must be soul-predators, vampires.

I comment:

This would be an extremely valuable addition to understanding positive demonic motivation. Perhaps we could look at our own evil acts and those of others - in this mortal life - to see whether an assumption of some kind of life-energy vampirism fits what we have observed. I think it does. 

Of course we can't actually perceive or physically measure what is going on - in terms of energy transfer - but it certainly seems as if this can happen. 

Furthermore, from what I have read of the dark side of the ritual magical societies of the late 19th, early 20th centuries (including what found its way into Charles Williams novels - who knew this world from experience) energy-vampirism seems to be almost exactly what dark ritual magicians were trying to do - and almost certainly sometimes did. 

This certainly supports the idea that it is what demons do; as does what I have read in (for example) David Icke and elsewhere about the kind of rituals that the Global Establishment engages in. A great advantage of knowing this is that it means we can get away from discussing 'demonic psychology' - what they like, what they want etc - which all sounds (as you say) too mushy and superficial to lead to the long-term planning and work They engage in. 

If demonic activity is seen as something more like a technological process or making a 'drug' maybe this models gets a bit closer. However I think we also need to guard against making it a one-sided 'materialist' thing as if human souls could really be treated as drugs or a fuel... 

Clearly, there must be some kind of 'consent' induced for this to happen - for the energy/ vitality transfer to occur. The victim must be induced to consent. 

 That, of course, is the Big spiritual problem of these times - the apparent large majority who consent to the evil vampiric operations being performed upon them.


jana gatien said...

I recently spoke w a wise friend on this matter. On a large scale, Empire/the System is largely fueled by an emotional cocktail that they (I'd say black magicians) alchemically foment in the people: By constantly stoking fire (aggression) and water (sensuality), it creates a kind of steam, not dissimilar to how the industrial revolution was initially powered-- steam was primary. This massive emotional/energetic emission is food for demons. Empire/the System needs it like a car needs gasoline. Do they need one's consent to harvest this? I'd say they get consent every step of the way through the micro-choices we make in terms of what we give our attention to, what we think about things and how we consequently emote, thus producing a smog of etheric dissonance that demons are happy to clean up.

Are they vampiric/parasitic? Yes. They are entombed here. Their ongoing aim is to prolong this temporary learning venue (to keep on postponing their inevitable annihilation) via keeping man at a lower, immature state that can be burned as this fuel for their fake world. Plus they are envious & spiteful of man, so the more souls that join them in soul oblivion, the better.

Kristor said...

I do not doubt that the demons feed on our pain, so that it is in their interest to promote it, and in so doing to work our damage - our everlasting damage, if possible - for therein lies the greatest possible source of our pain and so of their food. They are all, like us, doomed to die. But that is not to say that they shall cease to suffer; to experience. It is to say only that after they die they shall have no way to end their suffering. After they die, they shall be able only to ameliorate it, at the margins. And this they shall do by feeding, forever, upon those of us who have fallen under their spell, and so are doomed to die forever (it is not possible for a rational spirit to die altogether and so wink out of existence; rational spirits are sempiternal by definition).

The demons need food, in order to avoid the pain of starvation (of their other pains, who can know?). We are their food.

How does this work?

Being is conserved. On this principle hang all the other conservation laws, that constitute our cosmos as such; as an orderly causal system. OK: defect of being in us must then go somewhere or other, right? It goes to the demons.

The whole demonic game is negative sum. It is a determined approach to nothingness. But inasmuch as being cannot effect absolute nonbeing, that approach cannot ever end, cannot complete. So, Hell goes on forever, asymptotically approaching perfect agony, perfect non-being.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Kristor - Some good points there!

I especially liked "Being is conserved" - which is a valid basis for much else.