Saturday 3 February 2024

A self-destroying weapon of global destruction. (This Sorathic World!)

Our actual and current Western Globalist Totalitarian Establishment is already, and every week increasingly, a self-destroying weapon of global destruction

The self-gratifying, spitefully evil-destructive zeal of the Western ruling class has consolidated, taken-off, and left the consent of the masses far behind. 

This spirit of spite is single-mindedly getting-on-with its destructive activities - with less and less regard for winning hearts and minds, or even for providing excuses.

Its implied motto is: Just Destroy It.  

(That is: Sorathic evil is now unmasked and in ascendancy.) 

The USA is not the ultimate source of this evil of destructiveness, because the US rulership are (like all other Western nations) merely a puppet regime. 

Also the US has many (sometimes even more zealous - eg. the UK) allies among the leadership class of Anglo-sphere and European Union nations.

But the USA is the main centre and focus of the destructive impulse; due to its recent decades of global hegemony.

US foreign policy is now simply to foment disorder and destruction wherever possible

National leaders and governments are being toppled, imprisoned, and killed by purposive US interventions all around the globe. Movements to promote internal hatred, resentment and terrorism are created, supported, funded. Nation after nation has been - is being - plunged into chaos and (more or less) civil war (more every month, or even weekly). 

This is why the US Empire and military is now (by any functional or rational analysis) so grossly over-extended. 

Picking unwinnable fights everywhere and with everybody is not an accident or miscalculation, nor due to unwarranted arrogance (except among some of the useful idiots among destruction-managers, who merely implement policy) - over-extension is a deliberate means to the end of the USA being utterly overwhelmed, destroyed, everywhere, all-at-once. 

(And consequently, it is also intended, in its death throes to bring-down the rest of the world with its arsenal of mass-destructive weapons, poisons, diseases etc.)  

The essence of the US globally is now, and increasingly, and purposively to operate as a pure agent of destruction: destruction of human life, economies; material, houses, the land itself. 

Deliberate destruction indeed of all that is Good - destruction of the human spirit. 

And also - destruction of itself from multiple global conflicts. 

Because meanwhile, "back at home", this once-formidable agent of global destruction is itself being destroyed. The culture is being destroyed by colossal immigration, which also (aided by deliberate inflation) is destroying the economy - which has already been destroyed by multiple forms of wrecking. 

The US national spirit is being destroyed by leftist ideologies - including deliberate encouragement and funding of  race war, sex war, generational war. Religion has been destroyed as a force for good. 

The micro-policies that pretend to promote quality, equity, diversity, sustainability etc - are each and all calculated agents of destruction of functionality, effectiveness, efficiency. 

The means of national social control (policing, essential organization, emergency services, communications, transport, supplies, maintenance and repair etc) are all thereby already substantially dismantled. 

Chaos - violence, neglect, disease, famine (all the Apocalyptic Horsemen) are being-prepared, and wil be able to operate without effective opposition. 

What this Big Picture shows is the extraordinary image of the US as a self-destroying weapon of global destruction. 

The US (and its allies) being simultaneously deployed in an escalating program of world-wide destruction; while the US (and its allies) are also being-collapsed from-within.  

The worst of it is not so much that this catastrophe cannot be prevented (it probably cannot - because destruction is so much easier than creation, and humans are so easily corrupted); as that people are unaware of what is being done.

Indeed, much worse - people of The West nearly all deny that this purposively destructive evil exists, and is dominant.  

Above all else in these times, and as a pre-requisite to everything else; we are called upon to be conscious. To be aware, capable of discernment. 

Only if we perceive evil can we identify its nature; only if we identify its nature can we reject it and repent its existence in ourselves. 

Only if we repent this evil can we take the side of Good in the escalating spiritual war of this world. 


William Wildblood said...

All true but this is the most extraordinary thing, "people are unaware of what is being done. Indeed, much worse - people of The West nearly all deny that this purposively destructive evil exists, and is dominant." And not only that but they often get angry if you point it out to them. You might think that on some level they do recognise it but can't face up to the implications but I'm not sure even that is true. Most people just don't care and those that do, climate activists, radical feminists, anti-racists and leftists in general, are the worst full of passionate intensity as in Yeats' poem.

Ron Tomlinson said...

The proverb 'Here no Evil, See not Evil, Speak no Evil' must be wrong, then.

Thinking and movement are similar mental processes. Movement planning entails predicting what our bodily sensations will be when as a complex action is executed, e.g. the feel of the tennis ball, the stretch of the shoulder, the weight of the racket, and many other factors.

The more accurate the prediction the better the serve will be.

In the same way, we have to be able to perceive evil in order to respond to it effectively, even if only internally. We don't necessarily have to call it out or accuse anyone but denying evil is a self-defeating strategy.

Francis Berger said...

"people are unaware of what is being done."

At the fundamental level, yes, this certainly seems to be the case. And if there is some level of awareness, it is quickly rationalized away.

Just last week someone began discussing the cratering German economy with me and expressed some worries about how this might affect Hungary and the rest of Europe.

The individual admitted that the Germans were actively inflicting vast harm on themselves but -- and here's the kicker -- he wasn't too worried about it because of his immense faith that "the Germans know what they're doing" and that the glaringly destructive actions definitely "had a positive goal" that we little people aren't aware of or aren't privy to.

Bruce Charlton said...

As William W. likes to put it - this is another test. I think that, realistically, we have the most evil ruling class ever in the history of the world; and they are setting things in place until the By Far the most destructive war/ collapse is unavoidable (and maybe we have already passed that point?).

The test is: Can we calmly and without being paralyzed by fear, honestly acknowledge this factual reality? Can we acknowledge it and then recall our real business in living - and then continue live (for as long as we ought to) with a commitment to hope and love (repenting the inevitable attacks of fear, resentment and despair)?

Or else, will the prospect of fear and despair trigger the sins of dishonesty and denial; and lead to a life dedicated to self-distraction, fake optimism, selfish hedonism?

Mia said...

I think I know 3 or 4 people personally who "get it." The rest...the best I see are those who believe all the power is currently in the hands of a dark side, but a good side is thiiiiiis close to siezing them, and at least half the footsoldiers are good siders inexplicably aiding the dark side but sure to turn good when the time is ripe.

We are called to be wise as serpents, and "Christians" will agree with that and then do exactly as William describes, reacting with hostility to the point that one has to classify it as a defense of evil, not mere obliviousness.

And yet we are in the world for a reason, surely not just to stare in horror and prepare for death. In particular we are within families, with many material responsibilities and burdens. I don't think we are meant to ignore or even transcend these but rather integrate them with spiritual, use them to strengthen the spiritual.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Great article. I think it is important to point out that for many who refuse to believe their lying eyes it comes down to the scary proposition that if they admit the problem and it’s cause, they will be compelled to admit the exist nice of not only good and evil, but to admit that God exists and they are in deep doo-doo. That is something they can never admit.

Stephen Macdonald said...

I fully agree with Dr. Charlton, and also with Messrs. Wildblood and Berger.

However I also know that God is in control. I know that as Christians we should not expect anything different in this world. Christ overcame death itself. Civilizations will crumble; the Cross remains.

agraves said...

We are under the influence of the God of the Hebrew Bible, the God of revenge, malice, destruction. Christians need to separate, if possible, the God of Jesus from Jehovah. Christianity has hitched itself for historical reasons to the Old Testament and has contradicted its' basic teachings ever since. The Book of John shows how Jesus felt about the Hebrews.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Stephen - "God is in control."

Sorry to pick you up on this - but I think this is often misunderstood (and instantly rejected therefore) when baldly stated. My understanding is that God is the creator, but that God is Not in control of everything in our world. (For instance Men's will is free, not controlled; and God is not the origin of all evil.)

Indeed, God does not want to control everything - he desires us to join ourselves with his in the everlasting project of creation.

@agraves - Indeed. Given the corruption of current institutions (and so many people) the only way out from under centuries of wrong emphasis, is for each of us to recognize the need to approach Life from a basis in recognizing and evaluating our own most fundamental assumptions.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

As a follow up to the God is in control statement, I believe that he is, but you have to understand that part of his plan is giving man free will to choose evil. It is a hard thing to wrap your head around, but it really is impossible to judge God and his plan. I really have no idea what the ultimate end goal is, but I am pretty sure it is something that my human consciousness cannot comprehend.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jeffrey - I personally can't make sense from the idea that an omniscient God "gave" man free will. To me, this seems fundamentally incoherent.

But of course my metaphysical assumptions/ beliefs are extremely different from mainstream Christian theology!

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Yes, I believe that fundamentally, it is a question for every person to wrestle with. It is like an exam, address the problem and show your work. ;-)