Sunday 7 June 2020

A world without hope is a world without courage - and a world of passive short-termist survival

At a certain point, we have to acknowledge that (over and above Establishment manipulation) what is happening is what masses of people want to happen; and to try and understand why - and then, what is the alternative for those who do not want to share in the world of despair. 

If there was any doubt before, there is none now that this is a world without hope. Without hope then the only concern is with short-termist survival - whether physical or social.

Thus we have seen (over the past couple of weeks) a sharp transition from a cowardly mass concern short-termist physical survival of the body; to a short-termist focus on social survival, on status, on publicly affirming the Big Evil Lies.

Because people lack hope (which is an inner motivation) therefore people are passive; they do what they are told (because they are afraid of dying), they believe what they are told (because they are scared of, and want to be on the side of, the masses like themselves).

Thus another day is negotiated... and nothing matters beyond the day, because there is no hope for anything better.

Beneath this hopelessness is a despair that is blazingly evident as what economists call 'revealed preferences'. In other words, the despair of our world is shown by our choices, by what we choose to do - rather than by what we say (which is, after all, just a matter of parroting).

En masse; the people of the world chose social isolation and the destruction of all social systems, and are now choosing to active destruction of... well, whatever the mobs have a motivation to destroy.

The people of the world overwhelmingly cheered-on and zealously enforced social isolation and passive cessation of nearly all functional activity; now they cheer-on mass mobs and active destruction of stuff. 

In other words; the revealed preference of the world is for short-term (one day at a time) survivalism, and in the long-term the destruction of The System by which the world operates.

More precisely the Leftist world view that has dominated for two generations has created a world, a system, an ideology - that the people of the world have taken-on-board; but now find intolerable, hateful, and want to destroy (and themselves along with it).

And this process is being led by those who have the greatest power in The System, those who run the economy, finance, multinational corporations and agencies... (call them the Global Establishment).

This is what is happening, yet how could this be?

The answer to all of this is clear (albeit not obvious, because unprecedented) from a Christian perspective.

Hope depends on Christianity - there is no other, there is now not even any pretence of other hope.

Our Christian hope is for life eternal after death, and during this life of a life of purpose and meaning with the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

A hope rooted outside of The System (beyond death), ramifying through all of daily life...

From this perspective; we can see that this modern Leftist System - that is based on hatred of real Christianity, denial of the spiritual (i.e. materialism, positivism), and promotion of a negative ideology of despair, suicide and the embrace of chaos; is of Satanic origin - and that the Global Establishment are merely serving their demonic masters (in pursuit of their short-termist survival, pleasure and status; and at the cost of their own long-term dispossession, suffering and death).

The People of the world have been induced to build-up a world System of evil, upon which almost everyone relies for survival; and which almost everyone supports in word and deed - although simultaneously hating it - due to the cowardly demoralisation that results from this ideological embrace.

And these same People are now being induced to tear-down this System of evil, this Thought Prison that they have themselves laboured to construct and maintain. To resist today would be costly, here-and-now; so everyone goes-along because - why not? What else is there?

But at some level these People know what they are doing, hate themselves, hate their situation, and desire their own annihilation - that death-as-an-end which Satan promises (yet does not deliver). 

So this is our situation, and I have described the answer. We each need to take personal responsibility for our-selves, for our souls (if we believe in our souls - which most don't) - responsibility for deciding what to believe.

Do you want hope, can you believe in hope; or not?

In this world; only if you want, can you believe.

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