Friday 5 June 2020

"Virtue-signalling" = "I am an evil liar"-signalling

That's it, really*.

The idea that what is being signalled is 'virtue' (in the sense intended by, say, Aristotle, or Christians) is itself an example of the value inversion that characterises this - the most evil (especially dishonest) of times in world history.

*Note: An alternative translation is: I serve The Matrix.  


Bruce B. said...

I have seen it remarked that virtue signaling is really status signaling - one showing their higher social status.

jonofthemeadowaustralis said...

Dear Bruce,
I'm so glad I found you while searching for Steiner material, over the last 18 months you are one of about 8 blogs/sites I check every morning that inform and confirm my view of what is actually happening. I certainly sense a "quickening" now in world events and i think you nail it so very often.

Bruce Charlton said...

@BB- I don't think that is correct; because status is zero sum, and intrinsically hierarchical - so everybody can't be of high status.

@jon - Thanks. Glad to hear this.

I am in the unusual position of holding Steiner (and also Owen Barfield) in the highest regard, central to my life; yet as significantly flawed. But surely this is normal for even the best of geniuses - we should not try passively to absorb them wholesale.

I find the bulk of official literalist-legalist Anthroposophists to be 'on the other side' (servants of Ahriman/ the Matrix) - and pretty extremely so.

Yet several of the very best thinkers of our time (of whom I am aware) are Anthroposophists - e.g. Terry Boardman, Jeremy Naydler, Amo Boden (of the Brief Outlines blog and videos).

Are there any other Steiner-ish blog sites you would suggest I take a look at?

Ingemar said...

"society of emasculated liars"


Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - Dalrymple is *very* good on the negative critique - but he has no positive vision of life to offer. I used to be much the same in the late 1990s early 2000s - indeed the IRL Dalrymple once asked me to substitute for him giving a lecture. In the end it came to nothing; but my point is that before I became a Christian (c2008) I was in 'the same place' as he occupies; so I know from experience the ultimate weakness and futility of (even honest and insightful) negative critique.

Ingemar said...

Well there you go. Christianity is the key. The lack of which is why the secular right has been so utterly useless.

jonofthemeadowaustrals said...

Sorry Bruce, I think you have all the Steiner leads covered, I almost joined the anthropops a few years ago, but something held me back. Have read Steiner extensively due to life interest in nature, farming, esoteric happenings. I have the privilege of meeting every fortnight with a group of six friends from a now defunct Steiner school on the mid North coast of NSW Australia. Born and raised in Blackpool of all places, looking back I realise my life (born 1964) is (has) encompass(ed)ing the dereliction of Western culture. In a belated gesture of allegiance to Christ I arranged the baptism of my three sons and my wife by the local Anglican church in full knowledge of the corruption of the "institution". What else can one do if you believe in the sacred rite at the same time trusting that individuals (our reverend) in the Church are pure in heart. Having said that, I think like you and Steiner, we need no intermediary between us and God apart from Christ.

Max Leyf said...

Hello Bruce and others,

I often write about Steiner at my website, and I have provided original translations of Steiner's Calendar of the Soul verses as well. Yesterday I recorded this lecture (for a course I am teaching as an adjunct) on Steiner's theory of ethics:

I have also written this three part series on Steiner's theory of cognition recently:

Just thought I'd share since you had asked Jon of the Meadow about Steiner sites.