Thursday 4 June 2020

We can't stop Them collapsing The System - but we can know that They are doing it (and that is what Ultimately matters)

In this spiritual war, the aim is to 'save souls' - first our own soul, then contribute to helping those we love to make the right choice. Because damnation is a choice - the choice to reject Heaven, the choice to embrace evil.

In the material world of The System, there is no way that you or I can stop the demonic Global Establishment from collapsing it. They have the power to do so, and it is easy to destroy when one has power.

(And of course The System is net-evil; it is, increasingly, a machine for human damnation.)

But you will observe that although They want to collapse The System, They want to do so covertly.

Destroy the economy, and all social life; but do so deniably, blaming something else, explaining their evil as necessary for our good.

They want The System to collapse but for this Not to be blamed on the demonic powers; and for the collapse to be seen in material, not spiritual, terms.

This is why They lie. They lie to prevent people knowing the reality of the situation.

They want to have people deny the reality of the demonic - to regard it as a stupid joke, the ludicrous belief of a lunatic, or the lie of a political manipulator.

Their aim is to do evil; but for people not to realise that the evil is done by Them.  

They are evil liars, and the lie is a denial of Their evil and a pretence of good; their ultimate intent is to to invert values, so that people want the opposite of that which is Good, and seek the destruction of Good.  

They want for people actually to want wickedness; want that which evokes natural disgust, and prefer systemic dishonesty; because people have come to regard these as the highest and necessary values.  

They want for people to regard the naturally virtuous, spontaneously beautiful, plain honesty - as laughable, dumb, crazy, oppressive. 

So, although we cannot prevent Them from collapsing The System and causing vast physical suffering; we can prevent this from benefitting Them.

We may do this by understanding who is ultimately to blame and what are their true purposes.

We can negate the harms of collapse by insight, by discernment, by knowing good from evil - and then choosing the side of Good.

We can negate the harms of collapse by acknowledging its reality but not fearing; by facing whatever happens and whatever may happen with courage and trust; and base that courage and trust on Love of God, as the basis for our love of fellow Men.

And we need to recognise that love of fellow Men is the greatest actual help we can give them. Real love of actual people, or even a single person (Not abstract love of 'humanity'.)

Or, at least, so I believe. When it comes to their making the decision whether or not to accepts the resurrected lif that is the gift of Jesus; making the choice whether or not to follow Jesus - then those we love will at that time become aware of our love, and will take that into consideration.


Gary said...

It is interesting that system-collapse seems to have been chosen now as the vehicle for the mass dammnation of souls, as opposed to an ongoing-machine-like system which would, it seems, over time, have a greater quantitative and qualitative effect.

I view this as a positive development, if those are indeed the two choices which we are now confronted with on a global scale (the (much lesser) of two evils...)

This could mean one of two things. Either they are in a hurry, which means that they somehow know that their desired long-term plans have already been frustrated (or are very likely to be so) and are cutting their losses. Or their insanity has become so complete that they are literally choosing what is much worse for them, and thus better for us.

The scenarios of either Total Insanity or Cutting Their Losses, means in a way that they have already lost. Which we knew, because we know that Christ´s crucifiction was the ultimate victory over Evil.

As you say Dr Charlton, we now have to focus on developing cardinal virtues (I see them currently as Faith, Courage, Patience and Love), as individuals, and bringing forth these qualities in our relationship to others.

Your last paragraph I found interesting and striking... a concept I had never heard of before. I will ponder it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - "This could mean one of two things. Either they are in a hurry, which means that they somehow know that their desired long-term plans have already been frustrated (or are very likely to be so) and are cutting their losses. Or their insanity has become so complete that they are literally choosing what is much worse for them, and thus better for us."

I agree. My intuition (with zero evidence, so I can't argue it) tells me that it is the first; that they know (or strongly suspect) that time is running-out.

If this is true, it emphasises the extreme urgency of people getting honest and understanding the situation. This is not something that can be put-off.

It is ultimately a simple matter of each person taking responsibility for his own fundamental beliefs and allegiance. Everything hinges on that choice. I think that is the message that needs to be given where it is possible and appropriate.

Ingemar said...

The important thing now is not to stain your own soul, even as the whole world screeches about the benefits of wallowing in the mud.

I've already said what I could to my family regarding the error of... Well, everything. They are not convinced, but if they come to a realization, I hope I can help them out of it.

Ultimately God is the one who will work His saving powers. Our decision is whether or not we participate.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Our Baptist church got a new young pastor about a year ago. A friend of mine sensed a strong demonic presence about him from the get-go -- he left our church permanently, literally at a brisk walk. I thought he was over-reacting, but this young pastor has banked ever more steeply toward the full compliment of pagan elite practices. It started with climate change and Trump Derangement Syndrome. More recently he has fallen totally under the spell of the lockdown cult, going so far as to tell our church that he won't re-open until well after the government allows it (assuming they ever do). I've prayed for this man non-stop, but enough is enough. We're moving to another church: small, spare, plain but filled with people who are in love with the Word.

The principal (headmistress) of our children's private Christian school -- also a young person -- had a reaction the lockdown that would not be out of line with Charlton's thinking. She confided this to me in an almost conspiratorial tone -- I was happy that she trusted me. The school must abide by the new fascist laws, but as Bruce so often reminds us, we do so with eyes wide open to the evil in our midst. Tolerating but never, ever collaborating. We press into Jesus as never before. I should not be surprised that this has yielded a sense of deep peace and well-being, but I am always amazed.

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit.

-- Jeremiah 17:7-8

Andrew said...

@Nova - I don't think we should tolerate evil (as in the case of your Pastor). It needs to be repudiated, or walked away from immediately. I've noticed this with many acquittances who preached peace/pacifism and I took them as "honest" liberals, but they they acquired full-blow TDS and the non-stop hatred (so I ignored them), but now they are actually advocating for violence!

I realize now they were simply cowards. They've always been cowards, blown like the wind, with no moral standing at all. They completely embraced the fear climate and all the teachings of evil, including abortion and other unspeakable mainstream child abuse practices.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Andrew - Yes, cowardice explains a great deal - certainly we are a far more cowardly society (root and branch) than was the case even a couple of generation ago; and compared with the 19th century... well. Cowardice is itself mainly a product of third-generation (i.e. near-complete) Godlessness - i.e. the lack of any compelling reason Not to be cowardly.

Hari Seldon said...

The psychotic incoherence of The Powers That Be has simply become too obvious for sane people to accept or rationalize away. The same "experts" that urged everyone to stay home and avoid human contact are now urging them to assemble in large, dense crowds to protest "racism," which is now deemed to be (literally) a public health crisis - indeed, a more pressing emergency than the virus itself, which a couple months ago was going to end life as we knew it.

Now, we are told, the virus is sufficiently under control that people can safely gather outside to protest racism; but it is still too dangerous to permit people to gather **inside**, e.g. in a church. The absolute intellectual and moral bankruptcy of these arguments should be clear, and I believe the elites are overreaching fatally in attempting to replace the virus with "racism" as the pretext for destroying society. The prospect of a deadly disease can be used to instill fear and manufacture consent for draconian policies, but I doubt that the specter of "racism" will prove nearly as efficacious, especially when atoning for "racism" seems to involve threats to life and limb - i.e. accepting endless violence and mayhem on the streets.

Perhaps this is too optimistic, but I sense that a growing number of Americans are being jolted out of their sheep-like credulity by this kind of total insanity. There is a gnawing discomfort and confusion, a sense that something is not quite right. Whether this w this will lead to a true spiritual awakening, I don't know. But the lies are manifestly getting ever more ridiculous and unsustainable.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HS - I keep thinking that They have over-reached, but it turns-out not. The mass of people really are extremely evil! - perhaps mostly through a combination of dishonesty and cowardice; which are such powerful sins because they are not regarded as evil, but as mere expediency and common-sense. These seem to affect the mass of self-identified Christians as much as the mass of atheists; suggesting that feeble or corrupted 'faith' is worth nothing.

William Wildblood said...

I have come to see abstract love of humanity as one of the most anti-real love doctrines there are. As you say, our love must always be directed to real people and people we know and come into regular contact with. That's why it says love thy neighbour not love humanity.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - That's it, in a nutshell. But of course, first you have to believe that Jesus is the son of God.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, there is that rather important detail I left out!

Jacob Gittes said...

@HS - Unfortunately, I disagree that the incoherence will wake up Americans enough to make a difference. I had a long conversation with a Buddhist friend the other day. We live in a small town, without violence going on. But he was literally unable to see the contradiction between the virus hysteria, which he accepted, and the racism hysteria, which he also accepted.

He's not a stupid person in terms of IQ. He's just a cowardly man who refuses to accept that there could be meaning, supernatural evil, or a God. He is full of self-hatred. He is the one who became enraged at a poor Mennonite woman with five children, telling me how the evil Mennonites would "take over the world" (akin to the slightly more realistic fantasy that some far right people have about the Jews running the world). Yet he regrets not having had a child.

Main point: do not underestimate the contradictions and insanity that the masses will accept.