Sunday 14 June 2020

Movie mini-reviews: Equilibrium (2002) and Gods of Egypt (2016)

Two very good and enjoyable movies - with a bit extra - that you may not have heard about; both of which were panned by 'The Critics".

Equilibrium is a dystopian thriller set in a monochrome, bureaucratic world where feelings have been abolished by a drug; in order to prevent any possibility of war. The movie is 'about' the importance of feelings, emotions, and the senses. It starts quite slowly - with a long set-up - but just gets better and better, with several surprising twists, some great fights; leading to a very satisfying end.

Gods of Egypt was directed by Alex Proyas - whose previous I, Robot and Knowing I had enjoyed; for their extra depth and a religious dimension.

Gods of Egypt is an unusual combination of comedy, action thriller - of the Indiana Jones type; and a surprisingly convincing story of a fantasy version of Ancient Egypt, and its gods. The movie is very fast-paced, with spectacular action scenes - and an unusual, spiritual plot subject, focused on the availability of, and conditions for, life after death.


a_probst said...

I'll have to check out Equilibrium. Except for "surprising twists" you could almost be describing THX 1138.

Mere_thinking said...

Thank you for the movie recommendations. I will watch. I would also recommend the latest Waco documentary on Netflix. I am flabbergasted by the amount of force the American government brought down on a podunk religious congregation. David Koresh was too prideful, however. He should have let the rest of his congregation go while he stayed and "took the last stand" in the compound. I think that is what Jesus would have done. This is meaningful today because the government is doing nothing even though the Antifa have claimed ownership of a section of Seattle. Rest assured things would be different if they were a Christian group.