Monday 1 June 2020

Maxims for the mainstream mass media

The following applies to all major mass media stories, without any exceptions: 

1. It did not happen as described. 

2. It does not mean what they say it means. 

The mass media pretends to be an impersonal system, functioning by objective algorithms; in reality it is personal - and must be recognised as such.

We should treat the mass media as we would any other proven evil liar; that is, we should not believe it. Ever.

You know the kind of person we call a spiteful gossip; and how she will only speak to you (for any length of time) in order to manipulate and poison your mind against somebody else; or to to make you admire someone despicable...

The mass media is that person on steroids. If they have made the sustained effort to go on-and-on about something-or-another; this will always be with malign intent. Since they are liars, they will lie; since they are evil that lie will aim at the subversion, destruction or inversion of that-which-is-good.

And if you can't see how, it doesn't matter. You can't know the details of their specific current agenda, or the exact blend of truth and falsehood they are currently using. You can't know, so you should not try - don't be pulled-in.

The only way to treat evil liars is to disbelieve them, primarily by refusing to listen to them; secondarily by consciously rejecting their story as-a-whole.


mobius said...

True enough, and horrifying but it's better to know the lie in advance of needing to refute it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@mob. Good luck with your refuting! It almost never works for me, and the process takes its toll in increasing my focus on the media, and tending to support aspects of the false narrative.

Ingemar said...

I've been trying to tell my family and anyone who would listen that the media and professional science are not disinterested arbiters of holy Truth.

Some of them are protecting themselves psychically by ignoring the news. This is a good first step. Many more steps are needed to grow. The ones who are most obstinate are the ones who have invested the most in The System, viz. sunk into six figure debts for a professional doctorate, work for Big Tech, Big Business, trying to become journalists and so forth.

For my part a separation from Big Business is inevitable. The only question is how to go about it.

Andrew said...

I'm really surprised how unprepared even those who are into "prepper", alt-right, etc. remain blind to what is going on. As if it could get more obvious (Covid-19 is now unimportant in the US, almost as if it disappeared overnight). It appears, for whatever reason, Trump is a real block in the current global takeover - which honestly surprises me as he hasn't apparently done much other than simply not comply completely - and now this "revolution" is staged.

My name is Matt said...

"Good luck with your refuting! It almost never works for me, and the process takes its toll in increasing my focus on the media, and tending to support aspects of the false narrative."

This is very true. All it does is pull you into the system's narrative. At best, you are merely 'the otherside' and at worst, since people can't imagine the system trying to mislead them, you are a conspiracy theorist/*ist/*phobic etc. Far better to conserve your energy and lead the best life you can with what we have left to us.

Sean G. said...

"Good luck with your refuting! It almost never works for me, and the process takes its toll in increasing my focus on the media, and tending to support aspects of the false narrative."

My intuition tells me the demons want me to engage on this battlefield. It's very tempting but it leaves me drained, distracted, and depressed. The greatest evil of the mass media might not be their lying so much as their ability to get our attention on the wrong things, regardless of our opinions.

The difficult part for me is following my intuition to what I SHOULD be doing when lies and nonsense are being bandied about.

Jacob Gittes said...

My personal experience is that the best way to engage with the official narrative, if you must or choose to, is to use satire and ridicule. The demons hate laughter. They hate to see you laughing at them and their stories.
So mock mercilessly and with mirth, if you want to engage.
Mockery also is one of the best strategies for convincing others, using rhetoric. Dialectic almost never works, anyway.

You may save a soul using humor and satire.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - I don't agree that rhetoric or humour can do more than be a first step. And it is much less effective now than it was back in the 70s and 80s; when somebody like PJ O'Rourke could be funny and make coherent arguments, and be successful.

I did this for quite a few years back in the day - but as time went by, the bureaucratic structures got tighter and more solid and drew-in ever more people; and the shrill humourless political correctness got angrier and drew-in more people.

The overwhelming fact of experience is that - overall - nothing works at the public level, nothing has been effective; nothing can work with a mass majority of Godless nihilists.

What is needed is (Romantic) Christian conversions, but these also have dried up - and no denominations or churches are making net gains among Westerners; not even conservative evangelicals or Mormons, who were successful up to about 20 years ago.

We need to work 'behind the scenes' in the spiritual ('supernatural') realm - by prayer, meditation, creative thinking - knowing that real-intuition is a reality; with small family like groupings, self-selected, non-institutional. It's a very pure and simple and non-strategic situation - which is quite a relief. We can set aside all those rather adolescent strategies, plans, programs that so often lead nowhere but inot bureaucracy and joining with the mainstream.

James Higham said...

Sometimes they seem so plausible though that it would fool even the Elect.

Andrew said...

I'm really disappointed to see religious figures who should be "above" politics using liberal propaganda phrases and talking points. Often enough these are blatant lies and can be refuted even with public statistics, etc. Basically participating in marxist language and worldview. They are all "in the matrix" so-to-speak and seem rather blind to the obvious demonic spiritual war.

It should be be surprising considering the thorough corruption of most religious institutions, but there it is.

I engage in these things but I think the "small quiet voice" tells me not to and I need to repent and listen.