Monday, 1 June 2020

Maxims for the mainstream mass media

The following applies to all major mass media stories, without any exceptions: 

1. It did not happen as described. 

2. It does not mean what they say it means. 

The mass media pretends to be an impersonal system, functioning by objective algorithms; in reality it is personal - and must be recognised as such.

We should treat the mass media as we would any other proven evil liar; that is, we should not believe it. Ever.

You know the kind of person we call a spiteful gossip; and how she will only speak to you (for any length of time) in order to manipulate and poison your mind against somebody else; or to to make you admire someone despicable...

The mass media is that person on steroids. If they have made the sustained effort to go on-and-on about something-or-another; this will always be with malign intent. Since they are liars, they will lie; since they are evil that lie will aim at the subversion, destruction or inversion of that-which-is-good.

And if you can't see how, it doesn't matter. You can't know the details of their specific current agenda, or the exact blend of truth and falsehood they are currently using. You can't know, so you should not try - don't be pulled-in.

The only way to treat evil liars is to disbelieve them, primarily by refusing to listen to them; secondarily by consciously rejecting their story as-a-whole.