Friday 12 June 2020

Why we each must Love Big Brother, and how

It was a deep insight of Orwell that it is important we should love Big Brother; although Orwell did not, himself, appreciate exactly why.

We are all supposed to love Big Brother because BB is the Ahrimanic Satanic System by which Men are corrupted into evil.

And to be properly corrupted into evil means to regard evil as our-good, Satan as our God.

To love Big Brother is value-inversion.

In other words, it is not enough merely to submit to the totalitarian tyranny for reasons of fear and expediency. If Men are actively to reject Jesus's offer of Heaven, and instead to desire their own Hell, then they must regard the Godless, Christ-hating tyranny as A Good Thing.

Each person must desire and embrace his own assimilation into The Matrix.

(Philip K Dick's term for The System/ Matrix/ Single-global-bureaucracy was the Black Iron Prison (BIP) - and, I would say that he saw this reality earlier, deeper and more clearly than perhaps anyone.) 

Thus we can perhaps understand how the psuedo-health-justified, caring-sharing birdemic crisis has - in a valuation heel-turn, utterly characteristic of the demonic Left - suddenly turned-into the violent, destructive, race-justified, mob-stoking cultural-wildfire of Cultural Revolution and Struggle Session.

The global totalitarian coup of early 2020 is in-place; achieved. We are living in the Big Brother world of surveillance, control, arbitrary authority, propaganda as mandatory reality... Now, They want us to love our state, to love The Government/ Media/ Corporate/ Bureaucratic System.

With this aim, The Matrix has taken-up, and is assimilating, the mantle of the highest abstract moral value in our Godless, spirit-denying, purposeless and meaningless world: antiracism...  

The propaganda is that the BIP is now not only the saver of lives - saving our bodies from the Black Death of birdemic; but also the saviour of our minds, saving us from the malignant cancer of honesty, experience and common sense that is currently termed "racism".

The BIP has been made sacred, and a new inverted symbolic and ritual Black Mass is being constructed on the fly, day by day; to subvert the Good - and baptise fear, resentment, guilt and despair as the new virtues.

Thus (in these End Times) the Antichrist impulse borrows some of the trappings of Jesus Christ; and has directed them towards the material and perceptual aspects of our mortal lives in this-world.

Mixing scraps and twists of virtue into their Big Evil Lies; They work to turn Men against God, the Good, and Creation. And against the gifts of Jesus: denying the primacy of eternal resurrected life in Heaven; denying the (always-and-everywhere) friendship and guidance of the Holy Ghost.


William Wildblood said...

"the malignant cancer of honesty, experience and common sense that is currently termed "racism".' A tremendous expression! Yes we are being asked to deny reality if we are of one sort and if we are of another resentment and envy are being made the highest virtues.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - It is part of a very successful, ongoing, long-term PSYOPS strategy (which now includes masking, social distancing, encouraging informers etc) to turn each against all, and leave every-one isolated.

Moonsphere said...

A great overview of the situation Bruce.

I am still amazed by the prescience of the dystopian novels. But in many ways they simply laid the ground for what was to come. Perhaps if the cage had actually slammed shut in the year 1984 - then we may have been forearmed by the "warning". But they waited much longer. "Big Brother" had to become a reality TV show and "Room 101" a BBC comedy programme before the stage was really set. In this way, amongst countless others - the populations were disarmed.

Now the reality is here. We have a Scottish MP advising that we should "stare down" anyone not wearing a mask in public. In the supermarkets the ratio of "wearers" increases each week - and soon they will make their abiding love for Big Brother known as they commence their campaign of harrasment against all who question the Authority.

They now tread the path of fear, destruction and demonic possession. They have swapped the love and protection of Christ for the black-uniformed security of Ahrimans praetorian guard.

Ingemar said...

This is why it is important to resist them to the bitter end.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:28

Every soul that resists Big Brother (satan) for the sake of Jesus Christ is a stark reminder that while "they" can play God, they are NOT God. They can make up whatever lies they want but once the False Narrative incoheres faster than it can be explained-away, even that will provide no comfort-only a doubling down into madness.

Andrew said...

The "matrix" or virtual-reality of media is hard to break from. It seems most people use it as their internal reference point, consciously or not, of how far they are from truth (wrongly and evilly so). So many religious, even ordained, afraid and embarrassed to even allude to the fact of demons when their presence is so obvious.

It is depressing, but remember this media lies. There is a very large segment of the population who does not truly submit. The voice of evil is definitely in a rush to push the window as hard as possible now. Some kind of deadline is approaching (is it really just the November election?) They're trashing about every which way like an angry child.

It seems the demons really only have two tools, as you've outlined - try to convince you to consent to or participate in evil, or use destruction. It looks like they've already "played their cards" so to speak. If they don't win completely and quickly through control (propaganda, fraud, whatever) they will unleash greater violence and destruction. They will try to "tear it all down" as recently repeated frequently if they don't think the population will submit fully to evil control before end of year.

We are a weak people and not ready for material discomfort, so it might be the population ends up submitting out of that immediate fear of the unknown - hoping to keep things materially comfortable for a few more years.

Rich said...

Absolutely spot on, Bruce. The reminders to seek guidance have been apt and helpful. Thank you for continuing on with your commentary, your message of hope is very much needed.

Chip said...

A couple books may be interesting to readers here. Dystopian novel: This Perfect Day by Ira Levin. Non-fiction on psyops: Shadow Men by Anthony Napolean.