Tuesday 2 June 2020

White Sunday, Whit Sunday, Whitsun Day, Pentecost

Whitsun has been and gone. The essence of this celebration is the confirmable fact of existence that the Holy Ghost is everywhere at all times and for all people who choose to acknowledge and meet with him; a guide and comforter; a beloved friend.

This was the "other" great work of Jesus, that completed his ministry for our mortal lives. First he gave us the choice of resurrected life eternal in Heaven; second the presence of the Holy Ghost.

These are all we need, and always available to everyone.

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Bruce Charlton said...

dearieme has left a new comment on your post "White Sunday, Whit Sunday, Whitsun Day, Pentecost":

But what about Black Sunday, Blac Sunday, Blacsun Day? Eh?