Wednesday 17 June 2020

What does The Great Reset have planned for Essential and Non-Essential workers?

If you don't know what The Great Reset means, then you probably should - because it is the latest version of the New World Order which has been aimed-at, planned, incrementally-implemented at the top Global/ International level for more than a century.

This is emerging into explicit public discourse for the first time in 20 years; this time under the disguise of being a Great Reset, aimed at a Green and Sustainable planet of multi-culti diversity.

(Because - of course - that is what most deeply motivates the richest, most powerful and influential people on the planet - and it is only the vast and pervasive hidden network of hate-filled white-supremacist male Western reactionary forces that has, so far, prevented the Global Establishment from establishing this verdant paradise for the eternal benefit of humankind.)

The plan is that if you are an essential worker, the future is de facto slavery; your labour will be directed as required by The System; your remuneration will be decided by The System (and paid in virtual credits usable only within The System)...

In other words, things will continue as they currently already are in the UK, where cash has been all-but abolished, all jobs are micro-controlled (under the rationale of the birdemic) and reconfigured every few days; and essential workers are prevented from retiring, cannot change jobs, and even brought out of retirement.

Pay in the largest employer (NHS) has (apparently) already been frozen for the next two years. But all these regulations may be changed tomorrow, by simple diktat (i.e. without parliament being involved, without change in the law) - which is how things have been done in the UK for the past three months already.

(For those who have not yet noticed, the system of UK government is now as follows: Someone in government makes a speech, the media reports it - and that is what everybody must do; or be punished.)

What about if you are a non-essential worker?

Well, as at present, you will be under house arrest and curfew except for approved activities (of which there are very few, because nearly everything you might want to do is shut or made systematically un-enjoyable) and approved periods of time.

Your income will be... whatever the State decides it will be (paid by electronic credits usable only in The System). In the long term, and the fact that most people are non-essential, this income will be Not Much.

As I say, this system (New World Order, reset) is already in-place and operating; it merely requires tweaking and adjusting.

What will happen exactly depends on the motivations of those who now (already) wield totalitarian power; and for the first time in history this power is unopposed by courage or motivation from the uncomprehending and indifferent masses; the mass majority of cowardly Quisling dupes who cannot even perceive (and vehemently deny) the obvious Big (Evil) Lies that are governing us on a daily basis.

Will this actually happen? I don't think so - but only because I believe The System will very soon collapse; and that indeed System Collapse is what is wanted and planned by the demons of chaos who stand behind the demons of lawful-evil that constitute the controllers of the Great Reset.

So the Great Reset is ultimately only a means to the end of System Collapse.

Will it even come to that? Well, matters could be taken out of the hands of all earth-bound agencies: the planet and life on it might be destroyed by some unforseen and incalculable 'natural' event of the kind we have often seen modelled by apocalytic disaster movies.

If this happens, we should be ready for it - ready for a situation of which we may have only weeks, days, minutes, or seconds of warning. And we may not know whether to believe the warnings - unless we avail ourselves of the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

If apocalypse does not pre-empt Collapse; we ought to be aware of what is planned, and what is likely to happen - because understanding is discernment, and discernment is (nearly-always - excepting only Saints internally motivated always to do Good) necessary for Christians.


dearieme said...

Maybe I should learn to knit? Or, more appropriately, my wife should.

John Douglas said...

"... your remuneration will be decided by The System (and paid in virtual credits usable only within The System)..."

That sounds familiar. You will no doubt recall the song '16 tons' by 'Tennessee' Ernie Ford -
"You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store"

Bruce Charlton said...

@JD - It was common in the early years of the industrial revolution named the 'truck' system - where wages could be redeemed only at truck or 'tommy' shops.

It led to lower real-value wages where used compared with cash; if used everywhere it would primarily be about control and surveillance.

dearieme said...

This story about truck stores never made any sense. If the employer was so powerful he'd just have cut wages rather than fannying around with stores. I could see that when I was a teenager. I never heard a persuasive argument against mine, only the feeble "but everyone knows...".

It was years before I learnt what the real purpose was. There was a notorious and long lasting shortage of small coins in Britain. (Government was incompetent then too.) So the employers set up stores that would accept tokens that the employees could accept as part of their wages.

I don't know what the explanation was for the US but I shouldn't be at all surprised if it were the same.

It's a useful reminder that much Economic History is mere propaganda.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - The argument against truck payment is the same against all monopolies, and similar to the problem with communism where everything is operated by the state. The only choice is Hobson's choice: take it or leave it.

dearieme said...

You don't address the key point. If the labour market happens at one moment to be entirely in the employer's favour he can cut wages; if in the labourer's favour, he'll have to raise wages. In neither case does the traditional "truck" story that you relate make any sense. Who on earth would go to the bother of building and operating a store when he could simply cut wages? And if the balance of advantage swings to the labourer what is the employer to do with his redundant store?

The yarn is mere agit-prop.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - It depends what factors you indluce in your economic model, and what you leave-out. Not all restrictive practices are overall-bad - but some are.

Jacob Gittes said...

Evidently, everything fun and enjoyable is non-essential.
I just found out that the local officials and sponsors canceled the annual bass fishing contest: a huge event that brings out families, fishermen, tourists. It's a big, fun deal.
Canceled. The mayor, whom I am very un-fond of and have had words with over his pushing of the virus hysteria, pressured the event organizers to cancel.

It's interesting to see people's disguised self-interest, and therefore ugliness, come out. The official in question works at a store that is deemed "essential." He probably feels invulnerable to what is coming.

One thing that I don't quite yet understand: how can so many people not see that the disruption caused by this virus hysteria is going to destroy their own sources of income, and therefore lives? Do they really think that the government will save them with Babylonian magic squires (money)? Do public employees not see that their income depends on the taxpayer, and that the taxpayer needs a job?

The summer so far has been surreal. I've been getting out on the lake, and enjoying nature. It's like a weird pause before something else happens.

Bruce Charlton said...

As Dr Suess said, over-generalising somewhat: "These things are fun, and fun is good". As CS Lewis describes in The Screwtape Letters, innocent fun is indeed originally Good, and of God; things done for pure enjoyment and not for profit. It is a 'for fun' walk in the country that proves so powerful in starting the process of saving 'the patient's soul from Wormwood and Screwtape's scheming. Well, They're certainly getting Their own back!