Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Establishment-crafted chaos confirms that collapse is the goal

Now that the world is under totalitarian rule, everything Big that happens (i.e. everything that the mass media has decided to give blanket coverage over several days) is done purposively by the Global Establishment.

Now, the lockdownsocialdistancing strategy is a cold, calculating, crushing, atomising, Ahrimanic-evil bureaucratic strategy for surveillance and control. But if that was the kind of world They were aiming-at; then They would not be (as they currently are) actively initiating, funding and officially-encouraging the hot, impulsive, Luciferic-evil, violent and destructive mobs all over the place.

OK both are evil, but they point at quite different kinds of society: one tightly-controlled, the other chaotic.

So... my assumption is that this pattern confirms that They really are aiming at System collapse, rather than a micro-System of technocratic surveillance-control. LDSD will, by itself, destroy the system; but injecting chaotic destruction and violence will surely accelerate the process.