Monday 17 March 2014

A God's eye view of imperfect mortal life as the perfection of theosis


Imagine a Mother sitting and watching her one year old baby at play.

From the perspective of any observer other than the Mother, the actions of that child are highly imperfect - pooping, weeing, vomiting, being selfish, banging and breaking and tearing stuff...

But from the Mother's perspective that child's behaviour is perfect; because he is doing just what a child ought to do, needs to do - it is a child who is growing, developing, learning - precisely as the Mother wished and hoped and planned.

So, from the perspective of his Mother, that baby is not meant to be perfect in terms of his specific current behaviours, he is not designed to be - he cannot possibly be - perfect in that sense.

But the baby is - and is meant to be - perfect in terms of being on a trajectory of learning.

"Mother" = God
"Baby" = Mortal Men on earth
"Growing, developing and learning" = Theosis.


The metaphor derives from William Arkle - 56.00 minutes

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Brett Stevens said...

Perhaps this is the result of the divine having a view that is outside of time. When the divine looks at that baby, it sees all the potential there for the duration of its life and beyond. Humans, trapped in time and the focus on the present that the ego imposes, see only the infant.