Friday 14 March 2014

Violation of common sense has been the proximate cause of corruption in the West


It is not easy to corrupt people as thoroughly as the mass of people in the West have been corrupted - corrupted deep inside, by a fundamental choice and act of will.

The ultimate cause of corruption has of course been the stepwise abandonment of Christianity; and the proximate cause has been the violation of common sense: first the loss of faith in our spontaneous judgements, then its inversion advocated by the vast and omnipresent Mass Media, implemented by the full force of law and policed by the full spectrum of modern technologies.

Thus apostasy left common sense undefended and raised public opinion (the Mass Media) to become the bottom line arbiter; and once common sense was cut from its roots and opened to attack, it was demonized and inverted.


It was not and is not easy to destroy common sense - because it is our built-in knowledge: imperfect but essential for meaning, purpose and relationship with the world in which we find ourselves.

But it has more or less been accomplished. Common sense became vulnerable when the culture abandoned Christianity and cut itself adrift - to be defended only by utilitarianism and reason - which have proved pathetically weak when the population became addicted to the Mass Media.

Life was made possible, even among wholly secular people, by a mass of common sense, built-in, spontaneous human evaluations - gut feelings that were so primary that (naturally) they were not defended by other less primary arguments.


Once Christianity was out of the way - using sexuality to attack the prime targets of marriage and family - the forces of evil have challenged then inverted a world of fundamental, baseline, common sense which people (initially) know in their hearts is wrong but against which they cannot summon any arguments which are acceptable in the public sphere.

Modern British life is so absurd, so crazy - up-front and daily, and at so many levels; and this situation is so universally tolerated - that to dissent against just one of the countless and gross violations of common sense has become an act of total self-exile.


What is the essential cause of deep corruption in so many people, is that at some point they make a choice and perform an inner act of will to close their minds to common sense knowledge.

Once this has been done, corruption becomes self-sustaining and self-reinforcing: there are no ultimate values - good may be bad and bad may be good, ugliness may be beauty and lies are the highest truth.

Almost anything can happens, and all manner of evils become invisible, unrepented - our sense of purpose and will are deflected and may be reversed.


Corruption of this kind - which is so now widespread as to be the vast majority of normal adults in a place like England - is deep inside the ultimate self; at the roots of free will, our fundamental agency has turned-against the source of natural goodness.

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Note added: What I am describing above is a non-obvious sub-type of The Sin Against the Holy Ghost - in other words, unless this is repented, then we are self-damned; because this is a 'master sin' and repentance of sub-sins will not suffice.


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