Monday 10 March 2014

Theosis implies that God does not *only* want us to be happy - He wants us to become like Him


The reality of theosis (assuming you are one of the types of Christian who believe that theosis/ sanctification/ spiritual progression is the main purpose of human life - beyond salvation) - then this implies that what God wants for us is not just that we be happy (otherwise He would not want us to struggle - and theosis is a struggle).

God must want us to become like Him (or, at least, much more like Him than we spontaneously are).

That seems important and non-obvious.

God does not just want us to be happy. He does want that, but even more than He wants that, He wants us to mature: to grow-up. 

Why? So we can be with Him.  Thus, He wants us to grow-up and choose to love Him.

Why? - well, partly because He wants it. It is not just for our good; but for God's benefit too - the mutual benefit of Heavenly society, the Heavenly familty.



Boethius said...

Doesn't salvation implies or necessitates at least a little bit of theosis?

Bruce Charlton said...

@B - My understanding is that we are saved (rather we have-been saved, by Christ) unless we choose to reject it - but that this is not as good as it first sounds, because people do choose to reject salvation.