Friday 28 March 2014

Ultra-high IQ test scores - several pinches of salt required...


[Note - I previously accidentally posted the wrong URL, linked to an old posting - this post was written today]


Brett Stevens said...

I suggest taking IQ scores with a large pinch of salt in general. Beyond 130, they do not appear to make a useful determination.

Further, character and moral fitness determine how useful that intelligence is. A person of high IQ but low common sense or low moral stature will tell you half the truth in order to make it more enigmatic.

Pirsig is probably a case of this, although I did enjoy his book.

pyrrhus said...

Really not true Brett, Stephen Hsu's blog and youtubed presentation related to BGI has some studies that show +3 SD scores even as a teenager predict much higher levels of achievement, and most extraordinary achievers in science have such IQs as adults. Gladwell's theory is nonsense.