Wednesday 12 March 2014

Why didn't God create us already perfect?


Question: Why didn't God create us already perfect? Why do we have to go through this high-risk rigmarole of incarnate mortal life?

Answer: Because God could not create us perfect. This high-risk rigmarole is the only way to achieve what God hopes we may become. Success in this cannot be guaranteed - and there exists no possible easy short-cut or by-pass or transportation that can take us to where God wants us to go. We have to take the hard way: through the forest and up the mountain; because it is only by taking the hard way that we might learn what we need to learn.



Emperor of Icecream said...

Very true. We could be innocent and childlike and good, but we couldn't be created innocent and childlike and good and adult. An adult has to choose to be good. An adult has to *become* as a little child.

Thordaddy said...

The First Law of Perfection is nonduplication and the answer to infinite regress.

JP said...

Wait... I'm not perfect?


Bruce Charlton said...

@JP - Well, it's just a generalization...

The Crow said...

Because God is not a human engineer/inventor. God creates the infrastructure that enables life - and non-life - to happen.
The 'Great Mother, of Lao Tzu. Giving rise to all things.
Mothers don't give birth to perfect things. Neither does God. What life does with life is the challenge of life. Not of whatever gives life.

Don said...

Creatures with free will unless they are 'cookie cutters' of God cannot be perfect. Angels are not perfect. Only one being was 'born without sin'.

Seems like creatures with free will need the time to learn and grow. Like anything we do only practice can make perfect. We can practice here in a minor way an in the next life we'll get a chance to see what real perfection looks like 'first hand'. If we are lucky we'll be a. covered by grace, and b. able to learn and do those greater things he promised.