Wednesday 2 April 2014

Microaggression - an accurate term


Micro = a-millionth-of

I think that is pretty accurate - if someone performed a million "microaggressive" acts - like looking sideways at you, or failing to treat you as deferentially as you think you ought to be treated - then that would indeed be roughly equivalent to a single act of 'aggression' - such as a shove.

But it would take a long time.

If a man was "microaggressing" at you every five seconds, he would take more than two months to reach the level of an actual physical push...



Thordaddy said...

These rhetorical liberationist constructs are evidence of the desire for "radical autonomy." Those that use these rhetorical mechanisms are signaling a fight for autonomy that reaches down to the microscopic level. In short, this is the type of reductionist psychological warfare that a vast number of "whites" seem genetically susceptible to. There isn't just a desire for "freedom" in the whole, but a desire for a "radical autonomy" at every point with that "point" being literally subject to a numerical fanaticism spoken via "microaggressions" that borders on sheer madness.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Th - I suppose what is insane about microaggression is that, by the very name, it candidly admits to the triviality of the complaint!

But one of the most striking things about the New Left is that there is literally (I am not exaggerating) ZERO proportion between an alleged offence and the consequent outrage/ punishment.

So, to a modern PC Leftist (i.e. the overwhelming majority of the ruling class) you can admit that an alleged act of aggression is (even if it really was an act of aggression) about as small as an act of aggression can be - yet the international mass media can froth about it for days on end - someone might be suspended, sacked, expelled, end up in court - even (in the UK) end up in prison.

Insane is the word.

Kelly said...

1428I have always thought of microaggression as An aggression so small it can only be perceived with a microscope. Or by really really really small people.

To the left, orders of magnitude are a mystery, so of course there's no sense of proportion. The only mental categories are All and None, so Any=Every=Always. The slightest microaggression is indistinguishable from, or a key to, Inequality Itself.

Bruce Charlton said...

@K - I suppose the clue is Equality means The Same, and The Same means Identical - so any detectable deviation from the identical is evidence of Equality which is Total Evil (when it affects favoured groups).

Bruce Charlton said...

From Dan: "A microagression is the name for where the aggrieved wishes there had been an actionable offense like a slur or physically contact that they can use as a club to beat their opponent with, but no actionable offense occurred."

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from JP "The Left commits a million microaggressive acts against me every day! The TV screen in the lobby of my building at work... the posters celebrating diversity in the break room... the sign in the bathroom proudly announcing low-flush toilets... dozens of daily emails embracing various stupidities (it's women's heritage month, yaaay!)... and so on."

Arakawa said...

The 'microagression' notion reminds me of the tales of old-fashioned samurai that would chop a peasant's head off on the spot if the peasant committed a microagression. In both cases the defence is that a person's (samurai's) inherent dignity has been insulted.

So the very fact that this notion is being talked about implies a desire to exact retribution beyond even "an eye for an eye" limits. An eye for an eye retribution would simply be, someone glares at you, so you glare back.

Wm Jas said...

Come see the micro-violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being micro-repressed!