Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Heaven of unique personages

Mainstream depictions of Heaven often miss the point - we want to live in Heaven, but equally Heaven wants us (I mean each individual one of us) to live in Heaven.

Specifically, there are many dwellers in Heaven who have a very specific yearning that we personally should join them in Heaven: they want us there!

Dwellers in Heaven don't just want 'good people', or people of a certain general type, they want absolutely specific people; in fact every person who is alive is wanted.

Furthermore, there is a place, a niche, in Heaven for me, and another for you, and others for everybody else. Each persona will make a significant difference to Heaven.

If you, or I, do not get to Heaven and fill our unique niches, then that niche will remain eternally unfilled - and to that extent Heaven will be impaired.

Oh, they will get along without us, get along fine... but always there will be that empty slot as a permanent reminder of what should ,and could, have been.


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