Wednesday 11 March 2015

Virtual reality and the mass media

Virtual reality is the incarceration and insightless-ignorance of the really real.

Virtual reality is thus the world of the mass media; because for virtuality to convince, it must be confirmed by all available sources - so that, wherever we choose to turn, that 'reality' is confirmed; and it also is confirmed over time.

(Confirmed, that is, so far as we can tell.)


The mass media achieves this by its vast scale, its easy accessibility (indeed, the difficulty of avoiding it), its exclusive privileging of itself - and by its cognitive distortions.

The cognitive distortions of the mass media include a dream-like immunity to reality-testing. Mass media content never is tested against real-reality.

Instead, participants are addicted to distraction, and distraction displaces experience and evaluation.  Any menace to virtuality from reality is thwarted and dissolved by a continual throughput of attention-grabbing stimulation.


Participation in the mass media is a state of continuous delirious intoxication - any momentary awareness of real-reality is rendered first unstable, then impossible - to live in virtual reality is a permanent psychosis.


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