Tuesday 31 March 2015

Don't rise to Leftist provocation

There is nothing that our secular Left culture likes more than for Christian reactionaries to expend their lives fulminating against it.

This indeed is a message always implicit but often also explicit in every triumph of the West - in policy, economics, law, and (above all) the sexual revolution:

"Suck on that you Christian bigots!"

"How do you like that you hate-filled conservatives?"

"What have you got to say about that? - Fascists!"

Much of TV, movies, novels, newspapers and magazines, fine art, comedy, social networking, government and NGO propaganda... has this exact same message: a slap or a punch in the face; a knife driven into the targeted religion, and twisted.

Then they sit back, rub their hands, and gleefully watch us waste our finite mortal time in impotent, futile, raging - until the time comes for another dagger prod.



JP said...

This is yet another reason to isolate yourself from modern "news" and "entertainment", despite its desperate attempts to get in your face on the ubiquitous telescreens.

ajb said...

+1 to what JP said.

Similarly, you don't win a war by always letting the other side decide where and when you're going to engage for battle.

Ugh said...

We are going through this right now in the US with the state of Indiana passing a "Freedom of Religion Law". It's almost comical to see the religious rights groups and the politicians on the tube defending the intent of the law while the media has everything stacked against them. It doesn't matter what words come out of their mouths they are automatically the scum of the Earth. In the name of tolerance you witness the media and the sign carrying protesters exhibit the most intolerant, disingenuous verbal abuse imaginable. It's all quite over the top.

They would have done better to not have said anything, they were never going to get a chance to honestly state their case. Alas they will never learn.