Monday 9 March 2015

Christian humility

What is Christian humility?

Not some kind of abject state of cringing submissiveness; not a person whose spirit has been crushed, and whose motivation is neutralized.

Humility has, indeed, at least a dual aspect of 1. Accepting responsibility, and 2. Repenting choice.

The second part - repentance - is well-known, but the aspect that responsibility for actions and a choices must be accepted, involves an element which some would regard as alien to humility.

Because to accept responsibility involves a high estimate of one's own abilities, a high estimate of the significance of one's own choices, acceptance of a high destiny in this world. It is, indeed, acknowledgement of the divine in each of us, as well as the human - of the aspiration for perfection, as well as error and evil.

An acknowledgment of our great capabilities and potential; as well as of our weakness and lack of knowledge.

So, Christian humility is maybe not as humble as some people suppose?


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