Saturday 28 March 2015

Placeholder post - end of the seven year cycle


Yesterday, I quite suddenly realized, recognized, that I had (as of last summer) reached the end of one of my seven year cycles of primary interest and activity.

This cycle has been about intelligence, personality and genius and was triggered by reading A Farewell to Alms by Gregory Clark at the end of 2006 - but it took another year before the effects were felt, and it was 2008 before the tipping point came. That was also the time when I (covertly) became a Christian.

The previous cycle was from about 2001-2008 and focused on systems theory, public policy, and New Agey spirituality.

Before that was evolutionary psychology and psychiatry beginning in May of 1994 (triggered by reading an interview with Margie Profet in Omni magazine, then Matt Ridley's Red Queen), and before that was an eclectic mixture of all-sorts of stuff including epidemiology - as I was floundering-around and trying to find my destiny.

Anyway, what this means to the blog is uncertain - because I have not yet found-out what it is I am supposed to be doing from here.

I will not stop doing what I did before (just as I never stopped doing epidemiology, psychiatry, Ev. Psychol. and the rest of it). But I need to find-out 'the next big thing' - and this is a process of discovery, not invention.




Nicholas Fulford said...

The Rule of Seven

Every seven years:

Take seven fortnights to read seven tomes on seven subjects;
Then seven weeks to go seven places to do seven things.
Finally make seven vows.

When you are seventy compile your chronicles.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Do you mean you suddenly realized 7 years had elapsed, or you suddenly realized your interest in IQ etc had started waning last summer?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - Neither - More that I realized since then that I have stopped having new ideas on the subject.