Tuesday 12 July 2016

Brexit continues to unfold - things coming to a point

The Conservative Prime Minister Cameron resigned because he was against Brexit - 'therefore' the party has elected another anti-Brexit leader (another middle managerial mediocrity - this time a woman called May); but the interesting factor is that in order to defeat the (also mediocre) pro-Brexit candidate Leadsom, the Iron Fist was (again) ungloved.

Because the specific media hate-fest whipped-up against Leadsom was that she was a pro-family Christian. This, according to the Establishment, was sufficient and conclusive evidence that she was unsuitable to be Prime Minister.

So there we have it - things coming to a point, the sides clearly drawn.

For those with eyes to see...


Leo said...

Did Theresa May fall asleep during Chilcot debate? Sleepwalking into the future? This does not inspire confidence.

Hrothgar said...

The professional politicians could hardly be expected to choose a candidate who was likely to provide serious leadership, given that they largely themselves belong to our corrupted internationalist ruling elite (or are at any rate its myrmidons and enablers).

Choosing a politically effective pro-Brexit candidate from the tiny handful available would for them be like a bunch of turkeys voting on who best to guide them through the anticipated horrors of the festive season, and selecting for the purpose, if not Santa himself (who is at present out of consideration due his very existence being disbelieved), at least one of his lowlier elves - who could still be expected to hold his master in remembrance to some degree, and want to order festivities somewhat in line with how tradition dictates. Much safer to select a loyal turkey from their own gang who can be expected to work against the whole notion of Christmas, distracting everyone else with much furious gobbling, flapping, and emptily prideful strutting about until (they hope) something new and shiny comes along to provide further distraction, and they all lose interest in the topic for another year. Another turkey in charge will hopefully be able to keep their own necks off the chopping block for a little while longer, its being threatened as much as theirs will be, should the festivities ever actually manage to get underway.

(When a turkey is pushed into a position of political influence or leadership, mere reactive, unstinting loyalty to its fellow foul is usually far more valuable to both them and it than integrity or talent. It is easily replacable if its loyalty or committment to the cause wavers [as both sides are aware], and can besides naturally be expected to support the interests of those birds of a feather who have conspired to put it there - from commonality of interests, but also dutiful gratitude, as it knows it owes its position entirely to their support, and has nothing of its own, besides loyalty, to repay this with.)

Luqman said...

The same players are using the same tactics as they did prior to Brexit in an automatic fashion as if nothing has changed. They fear it and do not understand its significance, their own trusted methods will be their ultimate undoing. Their actions can only represent ignorance and fear or monumental confidence in their power. People are not failing to notice the patterns despite the attempts of mass media to pass off lies as the truth all sensible people cannot help but believe.

Samson J. said...

I forgot that "things coming to a point" is one of my other favourite themes from this blog. This year they have been coming asymptotically to a finer and finer point, and I half-have the expectation that the end is approaching, like a freight train.

Dan Hess said...

There is a non-selfish case for strong borders, which is the argument from ecology. I have never heard this argument made, but consider ocean ecology.

The open ocean is, relatively speaking, uniform, bland and mostly barren. If you take a square km of open ocean, there will be some life but it will not be very pretty or diverse.

Contrast this with a reef (whether natural or man-made). It is teeming with colorful life of all kinds, with incredible variety and beauty. One square km of reef contains orders of magnitude more life and much more diversity than the open ocean ever could. This is naturally achieved with coral but you can achieve the same effect by sinking a ship or even dropping a rusty city bus in the ocean.

What achieves this? Simply, borders, walls, barriers. If you suddenly made all the walls vanish in a reef ecosystem, surely 99% of all its life would be dead within a week, even though the climate would be the same in all other respects.

Barriers are the stuff that ecosystems are made of, and this is just as true of humans as it is of marine life. Globalists who seek a borderless 'open ocean' are dissolving cultures and reducing human thriving (for most) and actually reducing diversity, quite the opposite of what the globalists claim is their objective.

Bruce Charlton said...

@DH - Well, yes - but that is a feature, not a bug for the Establishment. Of course they lie about it - but destruction of the Good is their strategy.