Saturday 2 July 2016

What is happening after Brexit? What caused it? What does it mean?

Whatever it is - it is not happening in the mass media, in the public domain.

Uncharacteristically, I have been scouring the mass media this past week for some wise discussion of Brexit; and have found none. Zilch.

My point is that nobody at all in the mainstream media is speaking from a true and real basis in the life of Britain. I detect wrongness and incomprehension everywhere.

The amazing thing is that vote and what it came from! There is (because there must be) some kind of unarticulated root or basis - something that came-through despite everything stacked against it. The very fact that it is unexpressed and unrepresented is how this Brexit motivation survived so strongly among the English in the face of solid and unrelenting adverse propaganda - soft- and hard-sell. 

Mainstream and visible politics is framed such that it neutralises and demonises the views implicitly revealed by the Brexit vote. The reality of the majority view cannot appear in the mass media - anything which does occasionally appear from that source, is so selected or distorted by the time it has appeared, as to be false and grossly misleading.

The Brexit vote is indirect evidence of a level of communication which is imperceptible; the nature and distribution of the vote combined with the nearly-total lack of any detectable spoken or written expression, demonstrates that there has been and is some kind of mutual linking of minds at a spiritual level.

And this spiritual network just does affect things. Why exactly has Brexit triggered both political parties to seek leadership change? (A mere swip-swapping of obviously and demonstrably inadequate personnel.)

It makes no sense - when you think about it logically; yet is seems 'inevitable' and it has happened. Why have the British and Euro elite gone crazy with hatred, except to try and reverse their collapsing morale and engulfing despair?  Their world view has proven to be dangerously (from their perspective) wrong. So why are they so keen to maintain it? Again, this makes no sense, except that they feel compelled to behave this way.

The elite leadership haven't a clue about what has just happened. A week later, the mainstream mass media has 'healed-over' and it is 'business as usual' with the whole matter reframed - but what else can they do? The source of Brexit is not objectively perceptible or measurable, and the majority of the elite will not risk attempting an empathic identification with motivations and understandings that they despise and fear.

(However, some surely will - and therefore we can expect to see sincere - as well as faked and subversively intended - significant spiritual repentance and rebirth from the intellectual elite.)

My understanding of the special evil of the modern world is that it is literally demonic, its source is 'supernatural' purposive evil entities - that is, personages imperceptible and undetectable by our senses and by scientific instruments. And their ultimate, strategic objective is to make the mass of people actually desire evil.

In the first place it is about such things as hypnotising the masses, getting them to sleepwalk into evil, unresisting, like sheep to the slaughter... but from an ultimate perspective, this is not enough. The underlying idea is not merely that people will passively consent to evil, but that they must be brought to a state of actively asking for and wanting evil. Only then the demons will have won.

People need to be induced to want ugliness, lies, and the destruction of virtue in all its forms. What is sought is the inversion of Good - so that what is truly Good is interpreted as evil; and what is evil is sought as a higher-Good. This is the ideal.

Such inversion of Good is extremely ambitious, to be sure - but there has been great and almost-uninterrupted progress towards the ideal over the past fifty years.

Modern evil has kept our eyes away from the reality of moral inversion, and - mostly - advertised its own higher good by refraining from direct violence.

(In a sense, moral inversion has been built upon pacifism. By making violence the ultimate evil, and non-violence the ultimate Good, secular Leftism has been enabled to destroy all other Goods. Demons spontaneously love violence - the physical infliction of pain and suffering; but by refraining from it they have been enabled to advance many other evils unobserved, unimpeded and indeed celebrated. For them, pacifism is a price worth paying! At least in the medium term. Presumably, when the fullness of evil is being approached, then the plan would be that  'normal violence will be resumed', and at that point regarded as a positive good. And with the public advocacy and celebration of sado-masochism as a sexual lifestyle option - this is something indeed already well-advanced.)

Since Brexit revealed that there is in fact a powerful and active system of human communication which is 'supernatural'; then it is clear why the Establishment rules have been, for several generations, that the supernatural will be ridiculed, ignored or denied in all pubic discourse - the supernatural has been declared not to exist, as a matter of metaphysical assumption. Yet, that is precisely where Brexit comes-from.

The ultimate source of purposive evil knows perfectly well the reality of the supernatural - because demons are themselves supernatural! However, the great mass of Establishment people who serve their purposes utterly deny even the possibility - and it is these people who are in the main, those whose brains 'exploded' on 24th June, and who are suffering a kind of melt-down of morale. They know that things - real things - can never be the same again (knowing what is now known) yet their only response to Brexit is to pretend that it can, will and should be deleted and forgotten.

The only response of the intellectual elite to to replace the facade.- But whereas until a week ago many people believed that the facade was real; now everybody knows that it is just a facade, including especially the people who are currently remaking it. The virtual reality of the mass media has been perceived as virtual - hence false; despite that nothing else, no alternative, exists in the explicit and perceptible realms. 

What of the demonic masters behind the Establishment? Their most loyal human servants have behaved in a wild, hysterical and counter-productive fashion - and thereby revealed themselves as untrustworthy and incompetent. And - even worse - they now know that they are not winning in the way they believed that they were. They now know that there is some kind of big thing going-on which they cannot detect or control; that the mass majority of people are not the atomised and alienated despairing units of perverted desire that the demons had supposed them to be. They know that the English (and to a lesser but significant extent British) people are joined by an invisible network; an unsuspected communication system.

Suddenly the demonic masters have recognised that - despite all appearances - they may perhaps be losing the battle rather than winning it.

Losing not in worldly terms; but in the ultimate and real War in Heaven, the 'game' of salvation and spiritual development towards divinity. There is a wide-spread but hidden knowledge, hidden consciousness, hidden communication - which they do not and cannot understand because they do not have access to it.

What will happen next in worldly measurable terms is unclear - and indeed of secondary importance. Because for those with imagination - as well as five senses - primary reality has shown itself to itself; and the consequences are certain to be profound, one way or another.


Thomas Henderson said...

As St. Paul wrote to the emerging church in Ephesus so long ago: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

None are so blind as those who choose not to see, especially if they have an investment in promoting darkness. Like Pontius Pilate's question "what is truth" when standing face to face with Truth (the One who is ultimately real, the Great "I AM"), the powers-that-be-can, including the media, find it difficult to glean what is real.

There is no more powerful confirmation of the Gospel itself than just sitting back and watching the world go by - as it is. You just need eyes to see and ears to hear.

Keep up the good work Dr. Charlton. You may be onto something here.

Foster said...

I worry though that Nationalism is just another distraction from the real Problem, the spiritual death of the West. Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump may indeed help their nations revive the material fortunes of the vast majority of the middle class of their people. But perhaps that will just be another way of deceiving the masses, filling their bellies with bread, while their souls continue to starve.

You spoke in an earlier article about something more fundamental than Christianity that Britain must regain. Will this help?

Misanthropist said...

The whole Brexit vote seems to be something of a watershed moment that potentially challenges everything. Until the results came in, I did not think it was realistically possible that such a result could happen. I assumed that through fair means or foul, even through vote fraud by the powers that be, the results would surely come back with at least a narrow Remain win.

It remains to be seen what is exactly going on. Is this a turning point where the elites are genuinely losing control? Or is this something that the elites would allow to happen, and nothing really has changed?

Another likelihood is that economic punishment will be orchestrated against Britain to serve as an example against others tempted to leave the European superstate, and this will be enough to frighten enough people to shift support back towards abandoning the whole idea.

Bruce Charlton said...

@M - All of these things may happen - the question is what happens *then*.

Foster - Agreed - Nationalism is feeble in a post-religious society like Britain. But Brexit is not a consequence of Nationalism, but something qualitatively different.

Sam J. said...

Foster said,"...distraction from the real Problem..."

I wonder about this very much. Trump??? Not that I disagree with him. Just how did he get here and why does he get so much coverage?

The real question then becomes who owns or editorializes all the major media in the West? What are they up too?

Bruce Charlton said...

@SamJ - I think it is quite normal, and indeed business as usual, for the people who fund mainstream politics to fund both sides; because funding is control, and if you control both sides then you control the outcome whatever happens. Trump is part of mainstream politics.

The interesting thing is that Brexit did not conform to the above pattern - it was crystal clear that the ultimate powers wanted only one side to win - and could do not more than ensure that some/ most of the individual leaders of the Leave campaign are merely mainstream hacks who regard leaving the EU as a minor tweak to a basically sound socio-political system and will sabotage (if they can) any significant change of spirit and direction.

If Brexit and the Leave vote sets up a positive feedback loop and changes the way that people *think* - then that could undo decades of massive propaganda and incremental victory - that is why the Establishment went into meltdown for a few days after the result.