Sunday 10 July 2016

Sleeping through revelation

Modern life is incoherent. There is the official rationalistic public world and there is a world of instinct and subjective assertion. Yet the rationalism is illogical, and the instincts unnatural and distorted. Modern Man (the archetype of whom is the middle manager) alternates between these - responding to challenge by evasion.

Who is to blame? Yes there is treason of the clerks, yes there are demons in high places - but fundamentally many people have felt but deliberately slept-through one or more wake-up alarms.

Why? For fear of what will confront them on awakening.

Western Man has been sleeping through such alarms for two centuries, and the horribleness of awakening has therefore been getting more horrible for eight or nine generations.

The accumulation of sin and guilt is too great to contemplate without the assurance of Christian forgiveness ; yet the modern metaphysics is anything-but-Christianity.

So people are roaring along the highway to spiritual destruction, eyes tight shut, ears filled with distractions, doped with tranquilizers... determined only that the one thing needful is the one thing they will not have at any price - not even as a free gift.

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