Sunday 17 July 2016

Why are things coming to a point *now*, in 2016? Because the demonic agenda is coming-out into the open, therefore resistance and reaction is more likely and potentially more effective

In the long-term demonic strategy for the corruption and damnation of humanity, the early and middle stages were covert and deniable (and mixed with goodness in reasonable quantities) - but as the plan approaches closer to completion there comes a point where the true nature of what has happened, and what is going-on, must come-out into the open.

That point has been reached.

This is, therefore, a time of vulnerability for the long-term strategy of destruction and evil - because more and more people have become and will become more aware of where things are tending and trending. And if this happens too fast, to too many people, and especially to the servants of the agenda among the Establishment - then the whole artificial structure of lies, distortions, deceptions, ugliness-called-good and selfish-short-term-ist hedonism vaunted as virtue - all of it may all implode; and very rapidly.

A further vulnerability is that the self-consciously evil elite Establishment are held-together by terror and bribes - and therefore their cooperation is brittle and vulnerable to despair, anger, panic. It does not take much for them to start attacking each other, or trying to escape.

The much larger apparatus of media/ political/ legal/ administrative/ economic/ educational/ coercive false-reality synthesis is dependent on the cooperation of many millions of manipulated minions, and tens of thousands of thoroughly indoctrinated supervisors - but their cooperation is based upon their lack of awareness of the agenda they are implementing. It is based upon them believing that they are doing Good. If or when they begin to recognise what is really going on, and that they are truly agents for strategic evil; there will be at least a massive reduction in their effectiveness and efficiency - and potentially a massive withdrawal of cooperation, or even opposition.

So, this - Here! Now! - is a great moment of opportunity; it is the time when the sides become clearly distinguished for the first time, and everybody will be compelled to take sides.

Anything which highlights this polarity is probably good - and the worst outcome would be if people took sides without recognising that that is what they were doing.


This is a time when those on the side of Good should not fear: fear is the motivation of evil, not Good. Evil is afraid because it is ultimately unnatural - a web of lies - and must be sustained artificially by energy, effort, control...

But Good is divine-order, natural, spontaneous - it is the truth.

So, we should be of good cheer, open hearted, confident - we don't need to be strategic as evil does; we don't need to fight them on their own grounds of mass information, propaganda, intimidation etc  (where they are the experts and hold all the cards)...

Soon - in the next few hours, months or years - situations will arise in which we are presented with a choice; and when this happens, our personal job is simply to make the right choice. 

All we have to do is be ready, prepare ourselves, to recognise that time, and make the right choice at that time.  


At this time - here and now - in this highly sensitised and meta-stable situation; we simply need to communicate clearly, honestly, with whatever beauty we can - to behave as virtuously as we may... and the odds are better than for a long time that we will be more effective than for a long time.

If you doubt this, just consider the current palpable fear of the evil elites, their prone-ness to panic, the crudeness (and clumsiness) of their attempts to assert control, the way they keep sabotaging themselves and each other...

I am not-at-all saying it is now going to be easy or cost free or speedy to beat them; far from it; but that the odds have now, and for the first time in many decades, swung round to favour those who seek to restore transcendental Good, spiritual and Christian values as the aim and focus of the West.

This critical situation is not likely to last long - so we should act immediately and with vigour and hope.


Gagdad Bob said...

Radical evil always overplays its hand, because while it is cunning and audacious, it lacks prudence.

Fred said...

Christ is the single most dangerous thing to evil, gov, and all controllers because Jesus, not church, not religion, sets us free and those who are free, under his natural law, instantly recognize the threat and deceit of human chains. You are bound by God to throw off these chains or suffer. There is a higher law.

-arrived here via Happy Acres-

Tony said...

Last night at Mass, the Franciscan pastor in the hippie social justice church in my town took time during his homily to insist, with considerable heat, that the cop killers in the US had no justification, and that they had turned away from the natural law written on their hearts, and did unequivocal evil that no one can justify or even temporize. He was livid, it showed, and he kept referring to what a great country we live in, and how recent events have traduced it.

Things are being realigned.