Friday 22 July 2016

One month post-Brexit: Unseen forces at work in Britain are moving events towards a time of ultimate clarity and free choice

Since the Brexit vote a month ago, nothing substantive has happened towards Britain leaving the EU, and it is clear that the Establishment are 'dealing with' the problem by distraction, delay, and demonising the substantial majority of people who want to Leave the EU.

But it won't work - at least not in the medium term - the fact of the Leave vote shows that Establishment pressure and propaganda doesn't work on this issue, and what it symbolises. The strength of desire for British, actually English, autonomy and a distinct national destiny has been strengthened by the Leave vote.

On the surface nothing has changed except that the small minority of the Establishment who embraced the national project of accelerating self-loathing and slow-suicide, are revealing a state of despair at the prospect of purposive submission to evil being slowed-down a bit; their anxiety at being forced to think a bit about the purpose of their lives when they don't have any purpose. There seems to be a frenzy of displacement activity in the large politically correct bureaucracies, simultaneously preparing for, and trying not to prepare for, Brexit.

The Establishment' contempt for those they rule has never been clearer - they thrust it at us by the assumptions being their every statement: the biggest selling weekly magazine - The Radio Times - has a cover stating as uncontented, obvious fact: 'If ever Britain needed a laugh, it's now!' - oblivious and in-denial-of the palpable lightening and lifting and turn towards optimism in the national mood among the masses.

Meanwhile, 'destiny' unfolds beneath the surface and barely noticed - as the dominoes are being assembled towards a moment of choice: two lines of dominoes - which one to push-over?

This cannot be hurried, and it takes account of human choice. But the Establishment have chosen to continue their march towards death, and are systematically putting everything into place towards creating a fork-point at which the future path will be decided by people who will be aware of the significance of their choice.

What is coming is that many millions of people will (all-but) simultaneously be brought to that point, brought to a moment, in which the Issues are made clear.

At that point they will be compelled to make a personal choice, from the ultimate freedom of their true Self.

Individuals may, in the event, refuse to acknowledge that which they - at that point - know, and may pretend that this is not-really the crux which they are confronted with. Individuals may step-back from the freedom of their Tue Self and hand-over control to the one or another of the 'automatic', constructed and manipulated false selves... That would then be their individual choice - the choice to shirk ultimate responsibility - which is itself a positive choice against personal autonomy and freedom, implicitly expressive of a desire for annihilation.

When the dominoes are assembled, and a mass of people have been brought to this moment of clarity; they will make a choice - and across the population, upon that personal choice will depend the path but not mathematically nor by majority. In the end, it will probably come down to the specific choice of a single person upon which everything hinges - but it will not be known who that specific person is until after they have made the choice.

Probably, as is usual, the path towards evil will be more expedient in the short term - probably the right path will be one in which things must get worse before they can get better.

Some people seem likely to choose evil - choose, that is, to refuse to give-up their fuelling energies of fear, resentment, hatred; and push-away the dawning prospect of love, courage and knowledge. This is not an uncommon choice - what will be different in the coming time is that the choice will be made in knowledge that the choice has been made.

But the aim of those paths will be known, and the decision will be made - like it or not - there will be a moment of clarity, and after that moment we will know whether (as a people) we wish to live or die. When that time is passed, the first domino will have fallen on one line, or the other, and events will then accelerate and change will be very rapid and undeniable - and very soon everyone will know what has been decided.

So what can we, as individuals, do to prepare for this moment?

Firstly, welcome the moment as a great opportunity to step-off the down escalator - the first opportunity for two generations. The evil Establishment are terrified of this moment of choice, and are trying to prevent it by distraction, delay, and demonisation. (They bewail the 'polarisation' of national life - but they mean by this that the masses ought-to be submitting to the Establishment in a unity of strategic self-annihilation. So long as the Establishment is evil, polarisation is necessary and good.)

Secondly, to prepare ourselves for making the right decision by sustaining our good motivations, and putting aside fear, resentment, and hatred - and especially fear; instead nurturing our love and courage. A realistic sense of optimism and possibility are helpful at this point.

And thirdly to ensure that the decision will come from our real, eternal, divine selves - by identifying, locating and exercising those real selves at our inner core - and living-from them as much as possible. This entails taking time - alone, in quiet and undistracted - to think, to be, to feel.

Everything depends on clarity - and fortunately clarity is spontaneous - so we all need to take a break from muddying and stirring-up the waters of our minds, and then we will know.

In a nutshell - we need to believe and recognise the possibility that the future may come down to depending upon our specific, personal and individual choice: that is the proper attitude in which to choose. 


George said...

Bruce, can you explain why you think leaving the EU is such a moral victory?

Granted, the globalist elite is evil, but the British elite is also evil - brexit simply means that a more local evil elite is in charge.

A nationalist, who wants 'his' group to gain power, might be pleased, but I fail to see why a Christian should - I don't see how this is a moral victory for Christian ideals (which, of course, don't include power among their number). The same evil elite, with the same evil values, will rule Britain.

This seems to be a purely nationalist victory, not a Christian one.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Goerge - These posts should explain -

Brett Stevens said...


I cannot speak for Bruce, but let me spin a metaphor:

You are a teenager in a mid-size town. All of your friends are engaging in some activity, like pointless binge-drinking, that in the past has led previous generations to other self-destructive and socially-destructive activities.

One summer, the group of kids in your neighborhood says, "This path leads to nowhere good, so let's step off the path by not going to the kegger this Saturday night."

Brexit is the same, like Trumpism is in the States. People are saying they do not want to go down the equality path, which starts at democracy and ends at Full Communism followed by Venezuela/Cuba/Russia/Napoleon levels of insanity.

In my view, what destroys civilizations is collectivized individualism, and the Brexit vote is the first significant act demanding an end to that path to doom.

Bruce Charlton said...

My ultimate reason for optimism is intuitive conviction - but this is consistent with observation.

John Fitzgerald said...

I'm reminded of a very interesting French novel, 'Prelude a l'apocalypse ou les derniers chevaliers du Graal' (1982) by 'Louis Lambert', pseudonym of the Catholic priest and theologian, Louis Bouyer (1983-1994). Father Bouyer knew JRR Tolkien personally and was hugely influenced by The Lord of the Rings, both in his theology and his fiction.

I don't know if he read Lewis but this book is very similar to That Hideous Strength in that it posits a small group or 'company' working and praying together against a rising tide of consciously-directed evil. It's an apocalyptic novel, not dissimlar in style and tone to RH Benson's 'Lord of the World' and Vladimir Solovyev's 'Three Tales of the Antichrist'. Both these stories set the final battle in the Middle East, however, whereas Bouyer places it in Glastonbury no less. So there's a real British angle there and a very pleasing marriage of mythical and Christian motifs.

The late John Michell, a great authority on sacred geometry and British mythology put it like this: 'The native English prophecy, as Blake powerfully restated it, is that upon this beautiful land will descend again the heavenly Jerusalem. That prophecy is inescapable and it answers all the questions that bother us today - such as Britian's relationship with the EC. Our destiny is to be the Holy Land of Europe. It is a big responsibility, but no-one else wants to take it on, and it is not the sort of thing you can leave to the Belgians!'

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a striking example:

"Father of EU divorce clause demands tough stance on British exit"


Gavin Ashenden put it this way: "The fact that there is no democratic mechanism within the EU to protest or change this cultural programme of anti-Christian attrition, is one more reason why many Christians voted to leave the EU. At least when our own Government is passing legislation that discriminates against Christians there is some room for protesting and campaigning for its amendment. When it is promulgated or sponsored by the EU, there is none. All that can be done is for an agency like the Christian Legal Centre, to defend harassed Christians in the Courts in the face of hostile legislation, or legislation that is interpreted in a hostile way."

John Fitzgerald,

I've been hoping to catch up with The Memoirs of Louis Bouyer: From Youth and Conversion to Vatican II, the Liturgical Reform, and After (Angelico Press, 2015), but don't think I'd even heard of 'Prelude a l'apocalypse ou les derniers chevaliers du Graal' (1982) by 'Louis Lambert' - and I can't find anything about an English translation: do you of one?

David Llewellyn Dodds

John Fitzgerald said...

Hi David,

There isn't a translation unfortunately. Even the French version is pretty much out of print these days. I've thought of translating it myself but it would take so much time to do, at a stage of life - both personally and collectively - when time is so much of the essence. We'll see. Anyway, this essay by Charles Ridoux (in French) gives a terrific outline -

Thanks, jf

Anonymous said...

John Fitzgerald,

Thank you!

How lack of 'modern languages' stings! (Theoretically I know Italian, but I bet it would be about as slow going as the French: there did not seem a German translation, either, which I might have been able to plow through.)

The Tolkien connection, your Lewis query, and "BOUYER Louis, Les lieux magiques de la légende du Graal. De Brocéliande en Avalon. Note iconographique de M. Mentré, Paris, ŒIL, 1986." get me wondering if he might have known Charles Williams's work as well...

(Interesting to see a French Lord of the World translation - I've wondered about Benson's possible international reputation, during his own life and later, but have not managed to get very far in trying to learn more.)

David Llewellyn Dodds