Monday 18 July 2016

Expect miracles but also demons in a spiritual awakening

If it is true that there is a spiritual awakening beginning in The West, then we should not expect a straightforward overall-revival of Christianity, religion generally, nor even of wholesome spirituality - but instead we should expect polarisation: more good miracles, and more demonic activity: both.

This seems to be the way things work. If people's minds are opened and expanded, then they are open to divine revelations, and may accomplish wonderful things; but they are also opened to evil influences. What actually happens overall, depends upon the choices of many people.

This is clearly seen in the times of Christ's ministry in the New Testament - but has also been seen in Christian revivals in many times and places over the past two thousand years.

This is, indeed, probably the reason why there are not more Christian revivals: because the conditions which cause the revival may (and inevitably eventually will) end-up doing more harm than good. In a revival we may assume that God, as the Holy Ghost, creates an increased awareness of the spiritual and openness to spiritual influences - but the basic situation of human agency, of free will, of course remains unchanged.

Therefore in an Awakening, many more people are spiritually sensitised and experience the power of the spiritual world - this includes evil as well as good; and how they interpret, understand, react-to their experiences is a matter of each individual's free will.

Each person will be brought to at least one moment of clarity and choice (and it may just be a moment) in which their destiny (and therefore the destiny of many others, the destiny of everybody in a sense) hangs in the balance.

The effect of a spiritual awakening depends on how people choose in these moments.

Therefore periods of spiritual awakening can be disastrous (overall). Therefore, such times tend to be initiated only in two circumstances:

1. The time is right because many or most people are spiritually well-prepared and therefore likely to make the right choices. In such a situation an awakening has a high probability of becoming a revival - a high probability that many or most awakened people will make the right choice - so the revival will be allowed to continue... at least for a while.

2. Because the situation is so desperate that a spiritual awakening is the only real hope. In such a situation the probability is that spiritual revival will fail, that many or most people will make the wrong (demonic) choices, and the awakening and end-up making things worse. In which case the awakening will be ended - and the mass of people return to their usual state of spiritual insensitivity and denial.

But if the spiritual situation is desperate and if there is a chance that awakening may succeed - may lead to enough people making the right choice - then an awakening may happen despite its poor chance of success.

This second scenario is the current one. It is a time of hope, but not a time for optimism - we will probably see more miracles, but perhaps even more demonic influences; more good and more evil - a separation and a polarisation.

In this separation the dark side may (probably will) predominate among the many; and yet the separation of The Good may allow greater understanding among a minority, among the few; and in the end such a clarification may enable the side of Good better to survive and thrive.

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Question said...

Observation, then a question.

The demonic influences will not manifest themselves "looking evil". They will not come into people's minds in the guise of a slavering orc fresh out of Mordor; they will appear in an attractive, indeed, a seductive guise. (The modern fixation on sex makes people all the more susceptible to some sort of incubus/succubus.) They will appear "good" and they will be highly persuasive. Then they will push the wrong choices, for seemingly "good reasons" and with seemingly "good intentions", and this will lead to predictably negative outcomes. This is, on a personal and spiritual level, the same modus operandi that has played out on a grand scale in society, culture, and politics. As it will not be glaringly obvious to people that "this is a demon and I should not do what it says" - and tragically many people will make the wrong choices under its influence.

The question is: if you believe someone is under a malign (demonic) influence, and you think they are making bad choices, what do you do about it? If the demon is attractive and is making seductive suggestions, for you to say "this is a demon and you should reject it" will be a tough sell. I am not at all sure where the major churches stand on the subject of demonic influences and their banishment these days. If you went to the local Catholic priest and said that someone was under demonic influence, would they treat this as a total joke? Needless to say, secular institutions will think that either you, or the person being influenced, is insane if you make this case to them.

So what are the best options for helping another to fight demonic influence?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Question - I don't think there is any general advice for such a situation - I imagine each instance would have unique features.

Градската Самодива said...

One can discern different types of influence. The first attack is to make you agree to be a happy minion for the wrong side. You become productive, positive, shiny and happy, all the way to hell.

If you are doubtful and smell the trap, then you could be driven to self-destruction and/or numbing behaviors. Plus a taunting and regrets on how you "blew your opportunities" and you are not a successful grown-up.

If you survive that stage still remembering what is important, you may feel further attacks, but still veiled. Bad days, people acting out, moods, more pushing to minor or major self-destructive behavior. Distractions.

And if you survive that, the attacks may become more direct, as in directly trying to do harm, frighten or even kill. In a way, that stage is a good sign. It is the easiest one to solve, because you know what you are up against. There is a discernible intention and rage against you and yours.

For people in stage one, wait it out and see, it's their call to choose sides. For people at stage two and three, there may be veiled help, according to tradition and beliefs, or specific lifestyles. In the last stage, the person will probably seek out help on their own, from you or from other sources.

tycho2012 said...

CS Lewis said something in "That Hideous Strength" that keeps popping into my head. Paraphrasing.... "Things of that extremity of evil, that seem innocent to the uninitiate." It's what's happening now. Half the population is either retarded, willfully ignorant or evil. Hence Hillary at 50 %.