Saturday 1 July 2017

The remarkable thing that is thinking

We need, urgently need, to be aware of the remarkable thing that we are doing when really thinking!

When thinking from our true-selves; we are knowing, participating and creating.

Only in thinking is freedom - Only in thinking is agency.

Consciousness severs us from the world - but thinking restores the world to us.

Thinking is the cure of alienation (properly understood, properly done) - It is in real thinking that we belong to the world, and the world to us; in thinking we know that the world is real and autonomous; and we know that we ourselves are co-creators of the world - which, until we thought it, was partial and incomplete.


Such are the joyous, inspiring and motivating insights which may be attained from reading, pondering and knowing Rudolf Steiner's early metaphysical/ epistemological works:

Philosophy of Freedom (aka. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity - of 1894)

and his Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception (of 1886).

I have found a couple of essays by the highly-insightful (and highly-irritating!) maverick Anthroposophist Joel Wendt to be helpful and clarifying of what these books mean and how they should be understood:


Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

Perhaps this explains why its been so hard to relate the brain's structure, to its function
Scientists studying the brain have discovered that the organ operates on up to 11 different dimensions, creating multiverse-like structures that are “a world we had never imagined.”
By using an advanced mathematical system, researchers were able to uncover architectural structures that appears when the brain has to process information, before they disintegrate into nothing.

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

Let that sink in for a moment: at every moment you are thinking, multi-dimensional structures arise in your very three dimensional brain, and that's a fancy way of saying your brain is not closed within or upon itself, but is rather an open system interacting with much higher dimensional realities that cannot be encompassed in the material 3-d world. And this is why, using a merely three-dimensional model, or, if I may be more blunt, a merely materialistic model of the mind-brain relationship, has failed to grasp the complexity, the hyper-dimensional complexity, of what is actually going on.

Thursday said...

According to Aristotle, when we truly think, we become the things we think about, formally. This means there is a profound affinity between our minds and the world. The world is primarily form or idea, something mental, and only secondarily matter.

Thursday said...

In other words, when we think there is no representational gap between us and the world, as modern philosophy tends to posit.

Bruce Charlton said...

@IS - Nearly all published science is dishonest - there is no reason to believe any of it unless you have good reason to believe that the authors are competent and truthful. Then there is the always-spun mass media reporting of science...

Bruce Charlton said...

@Th - I agree there is no representational gap when we are thinking with full agency with our true (divine) self. (oridinary automatic, passive thinking is a different matter.)

My understanding is that we all think in the same universal realm of thought (as Steiner said in explanation, the concept of triangle we share is the same concept, it has the same identity - we don't each have a different concept of triangle).

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

adamspiritualwarrior on July 1, 2017 at 5:55 pm Reply
”Cloning was developed as a way to protect important individuals and as a part of a specific set of secret projects which involved reaching the goal of extending the consciousness of one individual beyond the original body.”

I assumed we are immortal multidimensional beings and after death consciousness of course lives on. Near death experiencers for a start speak of being aware and existing in the hospital room outside the body and other places. Added to this if in another future incarnation we all seek methods to remember previous lives, then surely this underscores consciousness lives on past the original body and theres nothing to fear of death. So perhaps Aug Tellez above is mistaken. Unless my assumptions are wrong?