Friday 16 August 2019

Modern culture isn't "polarised" - but the opposite!

People are always saying that our culture is increasingly 'polarised', in the sense of there being a gulf of attitude, incomprehension and mutual aggression between - say - those pro-and against Brexit, Trump or Mass Immigration...

But this is merely a squabble between Tweedledum and Tweedledummer about what to eat for dinner. In a more rigorous and fundamental sense, our culture is narrower in views and more homogeneous in opinion than ever before.

What They really mean by 'polarisation' is that there are still a handful of people who dissent from the totalitarian bureaucratic Leftist agenda.

Everybody is materialist and anti-Christian (including most of those who regard themselves as spiritual or Christians).

Everybody is in favour of a utilitarian morality; in which the bottom-line rationale of all social policy is increasing the short-term happiness of (some) people between birth and biological death.

Everybody is in favour of the sexual revolution in at least one of its major components. While there is some mild dispute about the reality of claims that people can and should 'change sex'; there is a massive majority that favour sex outside marriage and easy divorce. Everybody supports the vast and interlocking mass of laws, regulations and public attitudes that systematically override and subvert marriage and family.

By 'everybody' I mean that those who genuinely dissent are a tiny minority of powerless, silent, ignored or vilified individuals.

When it comes to supporting actively-evil insanity over the long-term and universally; we are surely the least polarised society in human history.


Francis Berger said...

Good post. Helps clarify our current condition to those who have not been paying close attention.

Lucinda said...

This is a good point. And supports your idea about the eternal significance of polarity. If people can be convinced that equality/sameness is the ultimate good (supposedly for the sake of relationships), and 'polarity' is the ultimate bad, so much the better (from the demonic perspective) for destroying desire to enjoy actual reality and Heaven.

It is strange though, the chaotic unity of evil. It's not coherent.

Bruce Charlton said...

@L - My understanding is that the chaotic unity of evil comes from what it opposes: God, creation, the Good.

Bruce Charlton said...

@F- The supposed 'polarity' of mainstream politics strikes me as no more significant than the inter-departmental infighting you get in any large bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

About 1990, I heard "Left and Right (Democrat and Republican) are merely the left and right rails of the same track, leading to the same destination."

Some time later, as I thought over the political history of what I had lived through, I realized that Republicans eventually always give the Democrats exactly what they ask for, 20 to 25 years after they start asking for it.

W. J. Clinton's "triangulation" tactics kind of made it obvious.

And the time delay seems to be shrinking ever faster.
-book slinger.