Thursday 2 April 2020

Imagine: world unity to fight an alien invasion

It is reported that when US President Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev met in 1985; Reagan asked informally: "What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?" Gorb: "No doubt about it". Reag: "We too." Gorb: So, that's interesting" [Laughter].

Those who believe that the global establishment have a multi-generational agenda to create a (totalitarian) world government noted this some time ago; that some such crisis as an alien invasion could be the reason, rationale, excuse needed to overcome the barriers to world government.

A great deal hinges on whether one believes a world government would be A Good Thing.

An actual world government would (presumably) be like the European Union on Steroids, or the United Nations writ universal.

But some people believe that would be a great thing - 'bring it on'; while others think (like me) it would be like the USSR, Nazi Germany and Communist China combined and amplified (and - I suppose I need to add - we regard that as an undesirable form of society!).

The John Lennon song Imagine, has had a recent (and officially promoted) burst of popularity; and that can be used to describe the crux in brief.

There are those (the same people who have-faith-in the EU and the UN and boundless hope for world government) who are inspired by the lyrics of Imagine:

"Imagine there's no countries/ Nothing to kill or die for/ No religion/ All the people living life in peace/ The world will be as one/  No possessions/ No need for greed or hunger/ A brotherhood of man..."

Others (like me) regard this as a paean to nihilist tyranny, set to a nice tune with pleasing harmonies.

At root, it amounts to an individual's discernment about ultimate motivations of the global Establishment.

Some people (a large, powerful and influential majority) have a primary faith in the overall virtuous intent of the international powers of governance, media and finance - and act accordingly.

Others (a very small proportion of individuals) regard Them as primarily tools of Satan.

There isn't much middle ground between these evaluations. 

Such is the nature of our world. What some regard as a paradise so wonderful that it can only be 'imagined' - others regard as our here-and-now, actual daily reality: One world, One Black Iron Prison; all locked-down and kept-apart - but together - in peace, harmony and unity...

(Unity - or else.)

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Bruce Charlton said...

@JD - Let's not bother with following what They (whom we know to be Liars) are saying on a daily basis.