Wednesday 15 April 2020

Upcoming - the Antichrist Focus

I think what will be coming soon is what I've termed the Antichrist Focus.

We already know that there is a Global Establishment who have (after running several birdemic-type simulations) successfully imposed the recent multi-national coup; so that nearly all the developed world now lives under totalitarian police state conditions. I presume this is just the beginning of the process, which has to be made both permanent and on-going.

(Now They have a grip on us, they will not let-go, but will want to tighten it...)

What next? Well, if the idea is to run the world in a top-down and centralised fashion; there will need to be some kind of figurehead person and organisation; through-whom the general policies can be announced and from-whom they will be implemented.

Because Global Problems need Global Solutions, dontcha know!

And this will be overall and on average evil by intent; but presented as idealistic and compassionate - in other words, it will be an Antichrist phenomenon: covertly demonic, but explicitly supporting of 'Christian values' (i.e. a selected few of them, in a distorted form). I am therefore expecting an announcement of this kind of thing.

I guess there will be announced a President of some kind - and it seems likely that Greta has been groomed for this role (although that particular plan may not work out). And a selection from the usual (bought-and-paid-for) international super-star Great and Good; who are well known for supporting liberal, progressive causes - and who are the darlings of Big Government, Big Finance, Big Corporations and the Mass Media - assembled to make-up some kind of committee or parliament.

Anyway, that's what I predict will be around the corner: the Antichrist Focus - the iron fist of bureaucratic centralised totalitarianism in the velvet glove of loveable celebrity do-gooders. 

(But, as usual, I hope I'm wrong - and have just made a fool of myself!).


Matias F. said...

The original plan or aspiration with regard to the birdemic was probably that we would move straight to world government to coordinate the lockdowns. But as the birdemic is not exactly the plague, this plan, which would include mandatory vaccination of everyone, seems to have been cancelled. My expectation is that the economic crisis will first be made worse by government intervention, then we will have a worldwide economic crisis, food crisis etc. This Global Problem will then need a Global Solution.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MT - Time will tell. If my intuition is right it will happen soon - in hours, days or weeks.

Anonymous said...

On the basis that I too may be making a fool of myself - the hunt for a vaccine to be rolled out to the whole world has distinct possibilities of something very nasty. Mind controlling drugs - surveillance implants under the skin - sterility inducing drugs - racially (genetically) targeted killer drug. What a wonderful opportunity a vaccine for all gives to the powers of evil.


David Earle said...

I figured that was Bill Gates